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Marvel's Avengers update adds new missions and first space gear

Marvel’s Avengers update adds new missions and first space gear

Marvel’s Avengers has new patches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and introduces some major new content. The big new additions to the endgame are Tachyon Rifts, which includes new unique gear, and SHIELD Substation Zero, which promises new characters and stories.

When Patch 1.3.3, SHIELD has opened a substation zero outpost to investigate temporary anomalies. This promises “new stories, characters, content”, but patch notes aren’t very specific about what all this looks like. Upon arrival, it will appear in the Pacific Northwest of Wartable.

Tachyon lift missions are also associated with these anomalies, throwing players into dangerous environments where tachyon storms can damage over time (although they charge the hero’s energy faster). These missions require a power level of 140 or higher and are available in daily rotation once daily. They also offer Cosmic Gear, a new layer of powerful gear for your Avengers.

The developer Crystal Dynamics Promise more content We hope this update gives everyone more to do for the player base of the game.

This patch also adds many fixes and improvements to the game.Here is the highlight list from Full patch notes:

  • A remote faction terminal has been added to the outpost. This allows you to collect faction assignments and villain sector bounties without having to visit each faction coordinator directly.
  • The reward drop pickup radius has been expanded.
  • Ability to preview items from cosmetic vendors.
  • Option to scale the text size of subtitles / closed captions.
  • Closed captions no longer automatically appear in Cinematics when subtitles are displayed.
  • Increased movement speed at outposts while in the Avengers Initiative
  • Improvements to the AI ​​companion, including assistance when players need to be revived.
  • Megahive rewards have been improved. They are currently guaranteed to increase the amount of upgrade modules with two exclusive exotic gear items and upon completion.
  • Implemented a fix that retroactively grants Iron Man’s iconic costume to players who previously lost Iron Man due to a bug.

The patch is also available in the Stadia version, but it’s not yet available.

The Avengers’ first DLC character It will be Kate Bishop.. Her story event “Taking Aim” is said to be held in late October, but the release date has not yet been decided. She introduces Story Arc, which ends in November with the addition of Clint Barton.

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