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Marvel's WandaVision is a fun superhero soap unlike any other in the MCU

Marvel’s WandaVision is a fun superhero soap unlike any other in the MCU

What a vision!

Marvel / Disney Plus

It’s been a while, but it’s finally time to refocus on the Marvel Universe. Disney + WandaVisionThe coming Friday will give us an eerie and comfortable viewing at the perfect time when the epic escapism of a big screen Marvel movie is denied to us.

The first two 30-minute episodes will premiere on Friday, January 15th on the streaming service Disney Plus. This is followed by new episodes, followed by a release date every Friday. With so many viewers stuck indoors, WandaVision explores what happens when Marvel’s hero returns home, but the strangeness and danger lurks behind the most common front doors. I’m out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to remember much from Wanda Maximoff and her magical powers, or previous MCU movies about hot pink robot vision, to dive directly into the show.Everything you need to know about the super-powerful couple you play Elizabeth Olsen And Paul Bettany They are the fascinating hearts of stories that are strange, in love, surreal, suspenseful, and in fact quite entertaining comedy-inspired stories. (There is no spoiler!)

After a decade of Pandemic absence confusing Marvel’s domination in the box office, the familiar Marvel identity that opens the show feels among fans by glimpsing Iron Man, Captain America and other beloved Avengers. Should stimulate. This is ironic. This is because the MCU is completely different from what you have never seen before.

In the best possible way. WandaVision, offered in refreshing 30-minute increments, is a surreal pleasure. In retro sitcom styling, Marvel draws tangents with strange yet confident lines, bringing familiar characters back to life in a fresh and imaginative way.

Olsen and Bettany were a victorious comedy combination, and in the end, they were given more room than the overloaded MCU movie had previously given the characters. While Olsen is fascinated as a powerful wizard who can hardly function in “normal” life, Bethany is a gangster’s android joy that offers a variety of adorable faces. The pair skillfully shifts between wacky comedy and appetizing emotions.

Ignoring the last place you saw on the big screen, Wanda and Biz are immersed in unexpected new lives, new homes, and new jobs. But as behavior shifts from superheroes to alienation of the suburbs, they face greater problems than staying to the right of their favorite neighbors.

Since the 1960s, Marvel Comics has provided as many soap opera as superpowers. The friction between Peter Parker’s turbulent teens and the Fantastic Four family has made real-life drama an integral part of Marvel’s magic. And while the movie is full of loud and spectacular actions that pop from the big screen, overwhelming bangs and crashes have always been supported by influencing the relationships between characters that have evolved over a decade. ..

The creators of WandaVision know this, and when they bring the MCU to a small screen, they wisely choose to set aside widescreen hisonomics and take over the bits that work on the small screen. I had a Marvel TV show before, but I don’t like it. While SHIELD and Agent Carter’s agents were entertaining Action Romp, Netflix’s connected spin-off suite featuring Daredevil and Punisher was a dirty slogan that quickly became the slogan. WandaVision is a completely different thing.

As subsequent episodes unfold (I saw the first three), it becomes clear that this isn’t just a Marvel TV show: it’s a Marvel show. about TV set. Beginning as a 1950s-style suburban sitcom, canned laughter, nosy neighbors, and a farce dinner with your boss are available. The story and its way of telling go on to explore how television images have changed over the years. Suburban sitcoms are so deeply rooted in popular culture that they establish a “normal” baseline, even if the usual concepts are as mythical as cartoon witches and androids.

Obviously, Wanda and Vision are far from normal. She is a magical gal in a small town, he is purple. A compassionate outsider in an ordinary town, his wife is buried under the well-kept lawn of David Lynch’s movies and television, from a bewitched-friendly sitcom (a clear inspiration for this story). It has always provided my rich seams, to the anxious strangeness. As the show continues, Bewitched returns to Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. There is even an intrusive horror dash that the Coen brothers inject into their everyday settings, completing a jarring left turn as ordinary people do unusual things.

WandaVision also learns from Disney Plus TV shows and the blockbuster Star Wars spin-off Mandalorian.. It hyperfocuses on one small corner of the franchise and tells a new story with links to well-established characters enough to attract fans. You don’t have to remember all the details of previous movies, but if you really want to dig deeper, there are Easter eggs and folklore (Easter eggs are also summarized weekly).

Most importantly, WandaVision sets its own tremendous mystery. Unless Paul Bettany’s clumsy synths are captivated by his purely confused soundness, there may not be exactly Baby Yoda to upset social media. Sacred Kathryn Hahn also wins fans with her pitch-perfect performance and puts herself into that role with fun.

Even without the baby-yoda-style phenomenon, WandaVision will undoubtedly invite as enthusiastic theorizing as shows like Westworld. It’s still unclear in the course of the nine episodes whether quite a few assumptions can maintain the twin engine and build suspense while paying attention to attractive characters. But it’s completely confident, colorful and entertaining-from the moment you walk the front door.