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Mauricio Pochettino calms things down for Messi but throws a pole to Sergio Ramos


While waiting to solve the cases of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, under contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2022 and whose extensions are pending, Paris Saint-Germain is looking for new candidates willing to join its roster of shining stars. One of the most sparkling stars, Lionel Messi is very often linked to the capital’s club since the burofax episode last summer. Unless the situation changes, the 33-year-old Argentine will leave FC Barcelona this summer free to join the team of his choice.

Following after this announcement

If Manchester City seemed to have the preference for “La Pulga” last summer, Leonardo, well helped by Neymar, seems determined to make him marry the Parisian project. Now, the transfer bulletins send Lionel Messi to Paris. And now, in each interview, especially during the transfer window, the different leaders of the capital club are questioned about a hypothetical interest in the Argentine forward. Landed on the PSG bench earlier this month, Mauricio Pochettino appears to be an ambassador of choice. Both passed through the surroundings of the Marcelo Bielsa Stadium in Rosario, the two men have hooked atoms.

Mauricio Pochettino calms things down for Messi, but puts pressure on Ramos

Enough so that the path that leads Messi to Paris is all laid out? Not so sure. Asked by Brand this Thursday, Mauricio Pochettino has quite calmed the heat of the bookmakers in the transfer window. When asked “would you like to see Messi at PSG?”, The Murphy native preferred to distance himself. “Everything you say will be misunderstood, and I like what I have (the players, note). Great footballers fit into any league and on any team. “ Pochettino doesn’t mean he needs his compatriot, but there will always be an extra bed for Lionel Messi if he wants to come and spend the next season and stay the night for another year or two.

Discreet about Messi, the Parisian coach was more open about Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain, 35 years old in March, has not yet extended his contract (June 2021). The latest information shows strong tensions between the bearded captain and his management. PSG could well jump into the gap. And when the reporter asks Pochettino “would you like to have a boss like Ramos on your team?”, The technician doesn’t take long. “We will see it in the next few months. Here, Ramos would find a great club, which is obsessed with always winning, PSG is one of the greatest in the world ”. The door is open. Summer promises to be hot in the capital.

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