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Mayor De Blasio trying to crush the Mets sale

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio personally told Major League Baseball that he would do everything he could to prevent Steve Cohen from buying Mets.

that is New York post The mayor called MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred earlier this month to oppose the idea that hedge fund billionaires would buy a local team and to take advantage of the city’s city control oversight. After making it clear, I’m reporting tonight a field lease to ensure the sale isn’t finalized.

Wow … shocking yes, but amazing no, of course this is the New York Mets we’re talking about.

This incredible change in events is not only impressive in how it fell short of the team’s deeply desired sales by the long-suffering fan base, but its legacy is harmful to the city. It is itself predictable by the mayor, which is a series of disastrous decisions.

In a year, it will fall as one of the worst of its generation, and if De Blasio actually crushes this sale, it will truly be an indelible stain on the history of the beloved Mets franchise.

Apparently, the Citi Field Lease clause allows the mayor to withdraw the deal because the stadium is technically a city park.

Some city hall officials say the mayor is only doing due diligence, but sources familiar with the situation say. “The” due diligence “line is random. “

And that’s bullshit.

There is no doubt that Steve Cohen, who is expected to be approved by MLB owners soon this week, will sue to prevent this from happening.

And no one believes he will not succeed in stopping De Blasio.

I don’t think this even reaches the point of a court drama, but it shows how unhappy this Mets organization is.

My greatest hope is, under the control of the new owner, a welcome end to all the dysfunctions and turmoil that plagued Mets during the Wilpon era, with fans accepting the team for 2021 and beyond. Is what you can do.

I would be disappointed if I didn’t finish this by saying “Let’s go to the Mets”. “

I hope you are safe and well.