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Media Sites Share Practical Impressions Prior to Pre-ordering iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max


iPhone 12 With mini iPhone 12 Pro Max’s pre-order will open at 5am Pacific time on Friday, November 6th, and shortly before that deadline, the media site shares a real first impression of the new device.

Image via The Verge

The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch And CNET I was able to spend all my time on Apple’s smallest and largest iPhones before people could buy them. At this time, these sites don’t provide a complete review, but I was able to visit Apple’s location in New York to preview the new iPhone.

by The Verge, The “iPhone 12” mini is “really” small by the “2020 Flagship Smartphone Standards”. The small size is easy to hold, and iOS “works well with a 5.4-inch display.”

The ‌iPhone12Pro‌Max, like other Plus and Max sized devices, is called a “phone surfboard”. Unfortunately, Apple isn’t taking advantage of the larger display because it doesn’t have a multitasking option because it “doesn’t feel heavy on the hand” despite its size.

Engadget The “iPhone 12 Pro” Max is “easy to hold,” but stainless steel and glass are more luxurious than the “iPhone 12” mini. The photo looked great, but it was a controlled test area, so we don’t collect much from camera tests at this time.

On the other hand, the Mini fits well in the hand, and unlike the Promax, it was easy to use with one hand.

CNET Due to the number of features packed into a small body, the “iPhone 12” Mini is called the “most interesting”. I felt “incredibly small” in my hand. ‌IPhone12Pro‌Max is “very big, but not unusual.”

TechCrunch The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max is “pronounced” in size between the Mini and Pro Max, and says it “doesn’t look that big” to those accustomed to larger size Android devices. The 6.1-inch middle size feels like a “pretty good sweet spot” to most users.

A full review of the ‌iPhone12‌mini and ‌iPhone12Pro‌Max may be announced next week before the device ships to customers on November 13th. If you wish to pre-order, you must do so at 5am in the Pacific Ocean. Friday, November 6th time.

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