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Metaverse and games: when will the Matrix come true?


If you think about current developments in video games and the Metaverse, we are getting closer and closer to a realistic replica of our reality. Do we want that?

Simple graphics in Blockchain-Games

Blockchain and games are finding more and more points of contact. A great example of this is Solana Ventures, the investment division of Solana Labs, the only $ 150 million fund plans to set up for blockchain gaming. The fund is intended to invest in gaming startups that are based on the Solana blockchain.

According to The Crypto Block Blockchain Gaming and NFT startups raised a record $ 1 billion in November. Since games on blockchain are still in the development phase, stunning graphics doesn’t seem to be a priority at the moment. Popular blockchain games like Axie Infinity are kept very simple for 2021. So is the blockchain gaming platform The sandbox more reminiscent of the simple graphic style of games like Minecraft.

The Sandbox – Blockchain Gaming Platform – Quelle: TheSandboxGame

Illuvium, for example, shows that there is another way. The Ethereum-based AAA blockchain game is based not only on innovative technology but also on high-quality graphics. This could be seen in the impressive Game presentation trailer see. However, if you compare blockchain gaming graphics to advancements in the field of gamer graphics engines, it looks pretty dated.

Realistic graphics with Unreal Engine 5

We have been at this for a long time. Uncanny Valley. This is the term used to describe the period when imitation of people still feels strange and inauthentic and we are, so to speak, in a “haunting valley”. But these times seem to be coming to an end when you look at the almost realistic graphics of the past Unreal Engine 5 look at.

In a stream Technological demonstration the engine actually looks like the main actor of the Matrix, Keanu Reeves, “awesome”, comments one user on Youtube and play with it popular meme about. The scenes shown are intended to clarify the possibilities of the engine and often look like scenes from real, playable movies.

Matrix Awakens: A Unreal Engine 5 Experience – Quelle. Youtube

Better accessibility through Cloud games

With innovations like cloud gaming, users no longer need electric computers, but can easily play complex games even at the highest settings, even with normal devices.

Because computing power is like that of cloud gaming services. Stadiums that is, outsourced and streamed from Google’s data centers to users’ devices, similar to streaming services like Netflix. And all this without the need for large downloads. This makes playing graphically complex games directly accessible even to average gamers.

Human interaction through facial expressions and body movements is almost completely absent in the internet world until now. But with the metaverse, virtual reality technologies, and hyper-realistic graphics, the ability to communicate more expressions is becoming more and more realistic.

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook, is working on goals according to the goal introduction video Interaction SDK. Technology makes it possible to link hand gestures in virtual reality with applications.

“Realistic presence is key to feeling connected in the Metaverse.”

Those: The metaverse and how we will build it togetherr – Connect 2021

In hindsight, we may wonder how we endured such a boring Internet for so long. Because if from a point in time the almost realistic graphics as with the Unreal Engine 5 with Virtual reality experiences and the metaverse merge, we are getting closer and closer to an almost complete replica of our reality.

Y Where is this going?

With all the hype and fascination with technology, we should briefly wonder where this is all going. After all, we are in the process of creating an increasingly accurate digital replica of the real world. This could soon compete with our physical world. Does this really enrich you or even take a backseat? And shouldn’t human interactions take place in the physical world and not in a digital imitation of it?

Roger McNamee, one of Facebook’s early investors, also believes that we should think carefully about who to leave the development of a metaverse to. He referred to the Meta plans for the metaverse dem BBC opposite as “dystopian”.

“That’s a bad idea, and the fact that we all sit down and take it for granted should terrify everyone. (…) We must not allow Facebook to build a dystopian metaverse. “

However, the investor generally does not view the idea of ​​the metaverse as wrong. He only sees the responsibility in the wrong hands with Mark Zuckerberg. He adds that “no regulation should allow Facebook to operate in the Metaverse or enter cryptocurrencies.”


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