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Metaverse technology and change of the concept of social communication.


Metaverse technology

The Metaverse technology, which was recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is a technology that will revolutionize the concept of social communication around the world.

The media and social networks have been full of news recently about the company name change from Facebook to Meta, as all the applications of the company such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have been united under one slogan or title, which is Goal.

You will see this term a lot in the near future for its completely crazy idea, let’s get to know it, what it is and how it works.

What is Metaverse technology?

Simply put, it is a “virtual environment” where instead of talking to a non-state friend via video call, you will meet him in person, shake his hand, and even go out for a walk or a tour.

Work is being done to develop this virtual environment using the latest artificial intelligence techniques.

Mark sees that the Metaverse technology is the new development that he will present to the world in order to improve the communication process between them and also to complement the march of their applications such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, which have completely changed the concept. of social communication during the last decade.

Metaverse technology
Metaverse technology

How does metaverse technology work?

The operation of this technology is simple as it will take you into the virtual community using some simple tools like virtual reality glasses and virtual reality headsets.

Where it will give you an experience to assist in a place that does not exist in reality or exists, but there is difficulty in getting there.

Using the latest computer technology, you will create these places within the framework of a 3D environment, with which you can interact in any way you want.

Metaverse highlights

  • The technology was launched under the slogan “communication develops and so do we” to indicate the qualitative leap that this technology will bring.
  • The company name has officially become Metaverso and its adoption in the financial markets will begin in early September.

These were the main points that were initially announced about the Metaverse technology, and it is being developed to be ready for use in the next decade.

Will it be a qualitative leap in the history of communication throughout history, or are there things and disadvantages that can become clear with the passage of time?

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