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Metaverso, the new frontier of the Internet and the WEB


Metaverso is here, it will revolutionize the way you use the Internet. Is the school ready to train the professionals of the future?
Digital technologies are changing faster and faster and revolutionize the way we do things, work and study, our everyday world. Our relationship with social media and the Internet also changes. The metaverse, as the new frontier of the Internet is called, begins to be the new paradigm of social networks and human-machine interaction that is already disrupting the use of digital devices.

What is the metaverse?

the metaverse is a virtual world that integrates digital and immersive technologies, a kind of digital facsimile of what we do in the real physical world. The potential of this new paradigm of living the internet world composed of immersion, sharing and cooperation are manifold but, obviously, there are also many aspects of the possible ethical impacts that must be carefully evaluated in the coming years.


We are not facing a technology, but rather an inevitable process of digital convergence undertaken in the last decade of the last century, and which has its origins deeply in modern thought. Metaverse is the future of the Internet, a set of virtual spaces traversed by avatars, essentially one step ahead of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is in fact the native media environment of the Metaverse, but another important aspect is that virtuality derives from the convergence of two great models of computing: theubiquitous computing, where information technology makes itself appear at any time and in any place with the development of mobile devices, increasingly lighter and more powerful, portable and Cloud Computing which allows access to data and its practically infinite conservation. This convergence has allowed the portability in the network of graphical environments that simulate the space, perspective and lights developed by the easiest and cheapest computer graphics, sharable and in real time.

The opportunities that Metaverso offers

A world that represents the near future but is already a present, just think of famous games like Minecraft or Roblox that are an important application, as well as devices that use augmented reality.
Moving away from 2D applications focused on the publication of content, we will move towards an era in which mixed reality will mix virtual and physical worlds closely connected not only with each other but also with our real world, giving life to the multiverse. In the metaverse, online interaction can become very close to experiences that are lived in person. According to experts, the metaverse also has the potential to help unlock access to new opportunities creative, social and economic “.

The Facebook program

Mark Zuckerberg, Even if you haven’t coined the term Metaverse, you are one of the global giants that is moving in this direction in the first place, announcing a plan that in the EU alone should generate 10,000 jobs in the next 5 years.

In an internal note signed by Nick Clegg, the US company confirms “be at the beginning of a journey to help build the IT platform of the future“That’s why it will need highly specialized engineers. To understand how this new” creature “of the American giant targets the very young, the Tik Tok star was hired for the promotion. Khaby lame who in the publication of the video seems to play the protagonist Goku from Dragon Ball, jumping from one part of the world to another with extreme ease. “No one makes jumping through the metaverse look easier than Khaby Lame»Report the Facebook post.

In fact, Facebook recently invested $ 50 million in funding non-profit groups to help “Build the metaverse responsibly”. Collaboration and cooperation will be required for your construction of the metaverse. “Between companies, developers, creators and politicians”. Then the company promised to be the first to invest in the product and technology talent. And explain that to make this vision come true it could even take 10-15 years.

This temporal projection should make the school world reflect in an important way. If the global social giant invests in something that will be fully operational in no less than 10 years, it is necessary to study and analyze what skills will be necessary for those who go to school today and tomorrow they will need to have the necessary know-how. required by the world of work.

The digital transformation of our country and schools must move even faster than what is happening now.

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