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Mets kneels to honor Tom Seaver’s iconic drop-and-drive


NEW YORK-Too Young To Remember The Glory Days Of Tom Seaver Pete Alonso And the New York Mets have found the perfect way to honor the best players in franchise history.

Starting pitcher Robert Guselman, His right knee was already dirty, so Mets headed for the New York Yankees towards Citifield’s diamonds Thursday. All the teammates who followed him had dirt on the same spot along their right knee.

What is the best symbol to honor the classic drop-and-drive power pitcher, the Sea Bar, the Mets icon, and the Hall of Famer, which were imitated by thousands of little leaguers in the 1960s and 1970s?

When Shiber’s delivery was dialed in, his right knee often accumulated dirt during the course of the mound’s excursion.

For decades, simply called the “franchise,” Siever died Monday at age 75 at the age of 75 due to a dementia with Lewy bodies and comorbidities of the coronavirus. His death was announced Wednesday night, a few hours after New York City in Baltimore Orioles (Team Tom Terrific and Miracle Mets fell in the 1969 World Series).

“He transformed the organization from a laughable ball club to a complete team instantly,” said Ed Kranepur, who spent his entire 18-year career at Mets. “I knew I would be a competitive team.

“It’s a sad day in Metsville,” he said. “Lost stars and leaders”

A few hours later, Alonso shot a 2-run homerun in 10 innings and climbed Mets on the Yankees 9-7.

“I think this is a really special win, not only for us but for those who know Metz and Tom Sheaver,” said Alonso, NL Rookie of the Year last season. “Today is a really meaningful and special day. I am really happy to be able to accomplish it in our way.”

Before the last Subway Series game of the season-played in a baseball field without fans by a pandemic-Mets and the Yankees pitched to Mets again from 1967 to 1977 and before spending five times in 1983. I paid tribute to Seaver. Season as a Yankees station.

“We are actually friends with the Seabirds,” said the Yankee manager Aaron Boone. “On the 81st strike, my dad was the national league representative and the Shivers stayed with us for about a week. I was eight. Tom and I were messing with Tom Was actually a moped. In fact with him he jumped on his back to ride the moped and burned his calf with a muffler. I still have the wounds.”

Both teams stood before their dugout for a pre-match video montage and moments of silence. After the Mets got their first top position, the Yankees joined the Mets and lowered their caps towards 41 of the Shiver hanging along the upper deck of the left field.

Mets hung their dugouts on a Siver jersey. Citifield’s Sea Bar Gate (located at 41 Sea Bar Way) was decorated with black bunting, and some fans placed flowers at the entrance.

The scoreboard displayed the same graphic that was used in 1969. Starting this weekend, Mets will wear a uniform patch in honor of Siever who has changed the destiny of the club.

Former Mets outfielder Ron Suboboda said, “You put together a group of men with different abilities and know who’s great.” “When you played behind Tom Sheaver, you were playing behind greatness, and you saw it almost every time.”

Swoboda is one of the many who demanded the statue of Seaver in Citifield, near the place where pitchers had long ruled at Shea Stadium.

The statue will probably be visible by the 2021 season, and Swoboda has the idea of ​​what it should look like.

“His move was very iconic,” said Swoboda, who played at the Mets from 1965 to 1970. “I want to see something there. On their knees, I want to capture his movements right after giving birth. As he passed by, he approached the mound. And its follow-through-it was so iconic.”

“Sivers fans are familiar, so if the right knee of his pants gets dirty, that means he’s sharp,” wrote Sports Illustrated in 1983.

A tribute to Seaver was poured from the world of sports and beyond. New York sports radio station WFAN was full of phone calls from fans reminiscing about Siever, who won three NL Cy Young awards and won 311 careers.

“Baseball has lost the best pitcher of my time,” tweeted Orioles Hall of Fame Jim Palmer, who finished at 2.86 ERA, the same as Seabar.

Hall of Fame Slugger’s Hank Aaron remembers meeting Sieber in the pitcher’s first all-star game.

“He was a great pitcher and a great friend. I was lucky to have dinner at his house in New York and California,” Aaron posted on Twitter.

Adam Sandler, a comedian, posted on Twitter and said he spoke on behalf of many fans and their families. “Tom Siever. My father loved him. My brother loved him. I loved him.

Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez, who played against Shiver, was out of breath as he was talking about him in the pre-match show. While playing bridges, playing crossword puzzles, and having dinner on the streets, Siever was “like my big brother,” announcer and big league Ron Darling said.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo ordered all flags at Mets-related stadiums in the state to fly half-way in honor of Siever.

ESPN June Lee and Associated Press contributed to this report.

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