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Mets remain quiet with Rule 5 draft deadline

The New York Mets chose not to add minor leaguers to the 40 roster before Friday’s 5 pm EST deadline, leaving a few unprotected and notable names in next month’s Rule 5 draft. It was.

According to the MLB Rule 5 Draft Glossary entry:

“”[…] The Rule 5 Draft allows a club that does not have a complete 40 roster to select a specific non 40 roster player from other clubs. The club will draft in the reverse order of the previous season. Players who sign under the age of 18 must be added to the club’s 40 roster within five seasons. Otherwise, you will be subject to the Rule 5 draft. Players signed over the age of 19 must be protected within 4 seasons.

As Jacob Resnick outlined on Friday Mets MinorWithout the talent of senior executives who did not meet the thresholds required for Rule 5 protection, Mets was expected to remain quiet until the deadline — and they did.

There are some notable names available when other teams are very leaning, including previous top prospects Sherbean Newton (Stay unprotected in 2019), third baseman Will Toffee (Acquired by the transaction sent Julis family To Auckland in 2018), right-handed Tony Divrel, And shortstop Wilmar Reyes, Shining at the Mets education camp earlier this year.

Another player who is not protected and is subject to Rule 5 is an outfielder. Tim Tebow..

Around Lesnick, Mets also submitted a triple A reserve list of 38 people on Friday, Wilfred Astudillo, Cody Bohanek (Get in Jd Davis (Via Houston in 2018), and 36 other unprotected players, “meaning you can participate in the minor league phase [of the Rule 5 draft]For a fee of $ 24,000 (rather than a $ 100,000 MLB fee), there is no “right to recharge if selected”.

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As we approach the Rule 5 draft on December 10, we’ll be announcing new developments.