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Mi 12 Ultra rendering + film, the little red dot is striking

Mi 12 Ultra rendering + film, the little red dot is striking

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Since Xiaomi said that it will launch Xiaomi Mi 12, more and more details have been exposed. Just a few days ago, a news item exposed the Xiaomi 12 Ultra protective case. Tech media Let’sDigital and famous graphic designer Parvez Khan produced the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. High definition rendering. It is worth noting that this representation is conceived by the designer on the basis of the protective sleeve, and is not representative of the final commercial version.

Since the currently exposed spy photos of the protective cover only show the case with a lens cutout, the final configuration of the Mi 12 Ultra’s lens is still unknown. Despite this, there are still people who broke the news @ rodent950 have managed to provide the necessary information to LetsGoDigital. This operation allowed an in-house designer, Parvez Khan (aka Technizo Concept), to create a series of realistic 3D product renderings expected of the Mi 12 Ultra.

One of the most striking is the huge rear camera module. Starting with the camera system, the flagship model abolished the usual rear secondary display design and changed it to a circular design similar to the huge “OREO”, resulting in a large circle. The camera is positioned on a rectangular façade. It can be seen from the freshly leaked images that it is equipped with a four lens system. This means that compared to the previous generation, the new model will have one more lens.

In terms of setup, it’s been a while since there was a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens some time ago. According to the latest speculation, the Mi 12 Ultra may adopt the new Samsung ISOCell GN5 CMOS, which is also expected to make professional dual-pixel autofocus possible. This is the successor to ISOCell GN2 and was used in Mi 11 Ultra. Just as we are full of expectations for Xiaomi, it is rumored that the other three Xiaomi lenses will also be equipped with high-resolution CMOS. The three lenses can be a 48 megapixel lens, an ultra wide angle lens, and a telephoto periscope zoom lens. The fourth lens in the top center has no details yet. On the 11 Ultra, it will support 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 120x digital zoom. In fact, Xiaomi can also choose a second zoom lens, as we learned from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, or choose a monochrome camera like Huawei P50 Pro.

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Through high definition rendering, you may find that there is an unknown sensor next to the fourth lens, which can be used to monitor the color temperature. You can see below that there are two other sensors on the right side, which together form the dTOF laser autofocus system. Then look down, the bottom is equipped with three LED flashes that have been placed, of which you can also understand this on the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. You can also see a microphone, making it easy to record clear, noise-free sound clips when shooting movies. By the way, you can record 8K videos. Of course, various advanced movie functions will also be provided. Among them, there will be an optical image stabilization system (OIS) to compensate for involuntary camera shake.

The last thing to note is that the Mi 12 Ultra is likely to cooperate with Leica, but if Leica will cooperate in the design of the Mi 12 Ultra lens system, this is not damaged, because the Mi 12 Ultra’s four-lens system is looks very advanced and perfect.

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