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Microsoft and Bethesda: Forza, Halo, Outer Worlds, Starfield and more news

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s presentation at E3 was an announcement firework. Although a large number of announcements were expected after acquisitions in recent years, the number is surprising: Halo, The Outer Worlds, Forza Horizon, Starfield and Left 4 Dead with vampires were the stars of the show.

A new Forza Horizon

In Forza Horizon 5, Microsoft lets Mexico experience everything from deserts and canyons to jungles and historic ruins. The weather in each of the four seasons should now affect each of the areas differently. Heavy rains, for example, make certain areas of the jungle impassable, the developers explain. Player decisions should also influence the outcome of story missions. In addition to the fifth-part poster car, the Mercedes-AMG Project One, there are again hundreds of vehicles waiting in the fleet, which can now also be hidden as gifts by placing them on the map as a barn find. Ray tracing is also used in Forzavista mode.

Forza Horizon 5 will appear on November 5 for buyers of the most expensive luxury editions, buyers of the standard version will have to wait four more days. Platforms are interesting – the racing game appears for both Xbox Series S and X and PC, but here on both the Microsoft Store and Steam.

Halo Infinite arrives this year

Halo Infinite and its free multiplayer will go on sale at the end of the year just in time for the holiday season, according to Microsoft. The company did not give an exact date and instead emphasized the changes to multiplayer based on criticism from last year.

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The outer worlds 2

Obisidian’s spiritual successor from Fallout: New Vegas continues in a new solar system. The video material fits the setting perfectly, a satire on capitalist activities: it parodies the structure of the trailers and also reveals that the project is still at a very early stage. Therefore, the publication should only be expected in 2023.

Starfield comes out next year

Microsoft Starfield describes the first new universe that Bethesda created in 25 years. The sci-fi RPG already has a release date: it should be ready on November 11, 2022.

Redfall as Vampir-Left-4-Dead

The surprise of the show was Redfall, which Arkane Studios deals with alongside time-loop shooter Deathloop, which has been postponed multiple times. Redfall also takes place on an island, but is designed as a cooperative shooter for up to three players who can choose their alter ego from four characters with different abilities. You can choose between a former sniper and a young woman with telekinesis.

Starting in the summer of 2022, players will be able to move freely around the island city. It was not invaded by zombies, but by vampires. However, the developers have yet to show the gameplay. The similarities to Valve’s co-op classic Left 4 Dead are already clear: a vampire can pull players with a “psychic harpoon,” which sounds suspiciously like a smoker with its long pulling tongue.

Independent Ads

The show was also filled with smaller advertisements. Psychonauts 2, for example, will be released on August 25, the independent adventure A Plague Tale and Slime Rancher will receive a sequel.

The Atomic Heart trailer looked interesting too. The title, which is not even anchored in a genre, is set in the Soviet Union in 1955, but in an alternate timeline, where the Internet, holograms and robots have already been invented. The setting is the factory, with which contact has been broken and the players explore as the secret agent “P-3”.

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