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Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome: share links using QR code

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome: share links utilizing QR code

In present-day versions of the Edge and Chrome browsers, internet sites can be shared making use of a QR code Is that how it functions.

SIn 2020, Google released Canary version 84, a function for sharing websites utilizing a QR code (swift reaction code). The characteristic has now come to be the steady version of the browser. The very same applies to Microsoft’s Chromium-centered Edge. But in the existing version of Edge 88, the feature is not turned on by default but. Computer system BILD demonstrates how to activate and use the QR code function.

Microsoft Edge: Share Webpages Working with QR Code

Edge flags © COMPUTER BILD

After clicking on the QR code image, the browser results in a corresponding code that can now be scanned with a smartphone, for example. If you want, you can preserve the code as a PNG file by clicking the button to down load.