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Microsoft Edge Browser: the end is pending

Microsoft Edge Browser: the end is pending

the Internet Explorer 11 It is a dinosaur, but there is no official end of support, because it is still used mainly in companies. However, Microsoft wants to remove users from the old browser. As of November 2020, IE can no longer be used to Microsoft Teams use. Support for Microsoft 365 web applications will continue until August 2021.

However, that does not mean that the browser is no longer usable; after all, some internal company tools and platforms, as well as one or another long-established private user, still work with it. There is simply no more technical support in case of problems. Microsoft also wants to promote the new Edge more strongly for Internet Explorer users.

This goes so far that certain incompatible pages are automatically opened with Edge when users want to visit the pages with Internet Explorer. At least Microsoft describes that in one Support-Dokument. At the same time, there is also the option to move favorites, passwords, search settings, open tabs, history, settings and cookies. This is why Microsoft strives to encourage Internet Explorer users to use Edge to move.

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