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Microsoft has finally changed update downloads in the catalog to https

Microsoft has at last altered update downloads in the catalog to https

Previously, if you preferred to down load an update from the Microsoft Update Catalog, you experienced to obtain it applying “Save As.” Since Microsoft had previously only applied an http address for this. Due to the new stability options of the browser, there have been generally problems below.

Since browsers utilized HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Protected) as regular, i.e. the safe line, and then it was just saved as or a alter in options. Microsoft has last but not least altered that. As an illustration KB5011563 for Windows 11.

http://down package/updt/2022/03/windows10.-kb5011563-x64_7ea60e6500c8a8535880719799e4e7f7e9d3961f.msu windows10.-kb5011563-arm64_b17fbb4bf86fcf66b5971d076ffdb7d570002c4e.msu

So now all the hyperlinks are switching from

  • to catalog.s.down
    The old backlinks nevertheless perform. But Microsoft is last but not least applying the secure protocol for updates. Which is ample “Simply click” Download and this starts off after collection with out the browser complaining. For Insider ISOs, for instance, the https connection had been in use for a lengthy time.

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