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Microsoft immediately announces a new generation of Windows

Microsoft immediately announces a new generation of Windows


Microsoft just opened the Build developer conference with the CEO’s keynote speech Satya nadella. But Nadella doesn’t talk much about the latest update. Windows in this event.

It seems that Microsoft has deliberately kept announcements about Windows because it has prepared an event to announce an update for its operating system separately. Nadella said that he had been testing a new generation of Windows in recent months and that it would be announced in the near future.

“We will soon share one of the important updates for Windows in the last decade to open up more economic opportunities for developers and creators. I have been testing it for a few months and am very excited about the next generation of Windows,” Nadella said, quoted in The Verge , Wednesday (5/26/2021).

“Our promise to you is: We will create more opportunities for all Windows developers today and welcome any creator looking for the most innovative, new and open platform to create, distribute and monetize applications,” he continued.

From her speech, Nadella referred to a new Windows app store that is being developed by Microsoft. This update will bring many changes to the Windows Store, including the ease for developers to register any Windows application such as Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Microsoft is rumored to allow third-party payment platforms in the app, so developers can avoid the 15% commission that Microsoft charges for each app purchase and the 12% commission on games.

Other than that, the interface Windows the new generation will also be completely overhauled. Microsoft is currently preparing a new display update for Windows with the code ‘Sun Valley’ that will bring new icons, a new design of the Start menu and a more modern look.

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Interestingly, Nadella specifically called it ‘Next Generation Windows’. Microsoft generally uses the designation ‘Windows 10’ and it seems that this Nadella language indicates the changes produced not only in the interface but also in the brand.

The preview of the next generation of Windows was announced just a week after Microsoft shut down Windows 10X, an operating system intended for dual-screen devices. This company created by Bill Gates will bring the best parts of Windows 10X to the major version of Windows 10.

Nadella said Microsoft will announce an update Windows newer in the near future. With Windows 10 turning six in June, it looks like this update will be announced in the next few weeks.

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