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Microsoft is working on fixing a failed Xbox Series X controller

Microsoft is working on fixing a failed Xbox Series X controller

Microsoft says it is working on a solution for the defective Xbox Series X controller.

Josh Goldman / CNET

Microsoft says it’s working to fix some of the causative issues Xbox series X A controller that continuously disconnects and reconnects. The company said Tuesday that a fix for the disabled controller was in progress. Customers are advised to update to the latest controller firmware..

“We are aware that some players may be disconnected from the new Xbox wireless controller, and the team is actively working on solutions that will be included in future updates,” Microsoft said. A spokeswoman told CNET by email.

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Previously reported issues The VergeAccording to this, it can occur in both the blue and black versions of the controller. Hundreds of complaints on Microsoft’s Xbox forums.. Complaints began in mid-November when the console was released and continue today.

Currently, the forum thread has more than 400 responses and more than 1,700 people.[同じ質問があります]Click the button.

“This is always happening to me with the included black controller and Storm Blue,” one complained. “I have to unplug the power from the back of the unit frequently … the only solution is to repair it, and I’m always doing that.”

Another said the controller only works when it’s plugged in. “The included XSX controller doesn’t stay connected for more than five seconds,” they write.

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