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Microsoft names the start date for Windows 11

Microsoft names the start date for Windows 11

Microsoft also has an official start date for the update Windows 11 Release. Already of October 5th first users receive the free update. The operating system will be gradually rolled out on “licensed” Windows 10 PCs, according to a statement.

If your own PC is one of those that meets all the requirements, you will receive a notification as soon as the update is available. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can finish now Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates check if the new version is already available.

Confusion around older PCs

In recent days, Microsoft has caused some confusion with its update policy. With the Health Check app you can first check if your own PC is suitable. After many people with older devices found that they weren’t getting Windows 11, the test service was disabled.

A few days ago it was said that the PC Health Check was back, but only for the participants of the Windows Insider Program (Futurezone reported). Nothing has changed in that regard so far. System requirements have been adjusted slightly, but users with older devices will use Windows 11 I still can’t use it to its full extent.

According to Microsoft, the updated version of PC Health Check will be available to all users shortly.