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Microsoft plans streaming device and Samsung app

Microsoft plans latency improvements and more

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Microsoft has announced that they will be working on several features to improve cloud gaming. This includes, among other things, latency improvements.

Xbox Game Streaming, also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming or Project xCloud, has been officially available since September 15, 2020. You don’t need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to access it, you can stream free titles like Fortnite for free. Only a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs just under 13 euros, is required for paid games. Although 15 million gamers have already tried cloud gaming, the latency, among other things, annoys many users. Now Microsoft has announced that it is working on new features.

Latency should drop to 12 milliseconds

The current latency for Xbox cloud gaming is between eight and 74 milliseconds, according to data compiled by Microsoft. In addition to the network connection, factors such as buffering, image enhancement, and VSync also have an impact on latency. Microsoft wants to reduce latency in future cloud gaming and technology called Direct Capture. Resolution is capped at 1440p, though currently Xbox Cloud Gaming users can only stream at a maximum of Full HD anyway. If developers equip their game with the Istreaming API and build Direct Capture support into their games, users can benefit from a maximum latency reduction of 12ms. What Microsoft’s Morgan Brown in the video, the company is also working on mouse and keyboard support for Xbox cloud gaming. It is not clear when the new features will be available.

To use Xbox Cloud Gaming, you need an Internet connection of at least 10 Mbit/s. If you want, you can also stream games over the internet via 4G-LTE on the go. Xbox game streaming resolution is capped at 720p on Android and Apple iOS devices, while PC and smart TVs can play in Full HD.

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Collection on future Xbox cloud gaming enhancements:

  • Microsoft has announced several improvements to Xbox cloud gaming. Latency should drop from the current 74ms to just 12ms.
  • This requires the new direct capture feature. Resolution is limited to 1440p. However, developers must first build Direct Storage support into their games.
  • Microsoft is also working on gaming mouse and keyboard support in Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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