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Microsoft plans streaming device and Samsung app

Microsoft plans streaming device and Samsung app

from Oliver Jaeger
According to the Venturebeat website, Microsoft plans to launch an Xbox cloud gaming streaming stick to give users access to movie and TV services through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There will also be an Xbox game streaming app for Samsung Smart TVs.

Microsoft recently expanded its “Xbox Everywhere” initiative by adding Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Now the company is said to have planned the next big step in the direction of never having to take the Xbox anywhere again. While it’s already possible to stream games from the cloud to phones and PCs, Microsoft also plans to expand access to home TVs, according to the Venturebeat website.

Samsung streaming device and app in process

A special Xbox cloud gaming device will be released in a year. This could look similar to equivalent products already available from Amazon or US company Roku like sticks or pucks. The Xbox streaming device is intended to give the user access to film and television services, in addition to a library of games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For owners of a Samsung Smart TV, Microsoft is also offering new functionality in the form of an app, so that they can do without a separate device altogether. According to Venturebeat, the Redmond-based company is working closely with its partners at Samsung to develop an Xbox game streaming app for the company’s TVs. The app should also appear in the same period as the streaming device, i.e. in 12 months.

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Microsoft has repeatedly stated that access to the Xbox ecosystem does not necessarily have to be through a console, so the announcement of these developments is not surprising. However, gaming hardware in console form is still the best way to develop Game Pass leads. In any case, with games like Fortnite or Halo Infinite (multiplayer), Microsoft could also attract an audience that is willing to try games for free without buying an expensive console.

Source: via risk blow