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Microsoft provides a workaround for the blue screen in the March 2021 update

Cumulative Update March 2021 Released last week it caused quite a bit of trouble for Microsoft (Microsoft) – led by users. The problem causes computers to display the ‘blue screen of death’ for a variety of reasons when trying to print to various types of printers. The company has now launched a temporary bypass solution.

According to Microsoft’s post, the error does not occur on all printers and depends on the type of driver: “After installing update KB5000802, you may receive a blue screen APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error when trying to print to certain printers using certain applications. Type 3 and no does not affect drivers for type 4 printers, “explains Microsoft.

Anyone who installed the update and submitted a document to print and did not find the blue screen, the error is most likely not affected by the error. However, for those who are still concerned, Microsoft has released Instructions Explains how to identify the type of device installed in a computer and how to perform a temporary bypass.

As you may recall, the flaw affects all versions of Windows 10, from 1803 to the last major update, 20H2. All of these versions received an update this month, the main thing is to finally remove Adobe Flash support from the system.

At this point, a full fix has yet to be released and Microsoft has delayed the update until the issue is clarified. The company can wait for the April cumulative update until it is fixed, and in the meantime, users can remove the update through the computer’s control panel or try to perform a system restore.

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