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Microsoft Rewards: Das Einlösen kann zu einer Sperrung des Kontos führen

Microsoft Rewards – Redemption may result in account suspension

Redemption of Microsoft Rewards, which can now be collected and spent on both PC and Xbox Series X|S gaming consoles (trial), can currently cause your Microsoft account to be incorrectly locked. In such cases, only Microsoft support can help.

Users report blocked accounts

I like the site dr windows first reported, some Xbox and Windows users have joined the sub-reddit r/MicrosoftRewards spoke whose account was suspended after redeeming Microsoft Rewards, which can be used to buy games in the Microsoft Store, for example.

Microsoft asks affected users to be patient

Meanwhile, Daniel Martins, in his capacity as Xbox Loyalty Marketing Manager at Microsoft, expressed on Reddit and thus officially confirmed the technical problem.

According to Microsoft, developers are already actively working on a fix. The company thanks affected users for their patience.

Dear Microsoft Rewards Members,

We are aware that some members are affected by a technical issue where some accounts are incorrectly suspended while trying to redeem.

Our team is actively working to fix it, we appreciate your patience.

If you believe your account has been incorrectly suspended, please file a support ticket at

Thank you,

Daniel Martin

Xbox Loyalty Marketing Lead

Daniel Martins, Xbox Loyalty Marketing Manager

Affected Microsoft Rewards users whose Microsoft account was mistakenly suspended while redeeming points, please create a support ticket, concludes Daniel Martins on Reddit.

Affected users from different countries

Based on the current state of knowledge and a brief evaluation of requests to speak on Reddit, Microsoft accounts from Spain, Mexico, France, and Brazil are likely to be most affected, but a user based in Germany has already signed up. uttered on the sub- Reddit.

The current recommendation for action can only be: For now, do not redeem any rewards from Microsoft until Microsoft provides more detailed information and officially gives the go-ahead.