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Microsoft shows new Windows 11 Photos app

Microsoft shows new Windows 11 Photos app

Microsoft has worked hard so that Windows 11 be a beautiful, modern operating system close to user needs. For this reason, those of Redmond have not limited themselves to redesigning the operating system but, how could it be otherwise, they have also dared with the Applications pre-installed. Today is the turn of the application of Photos.

Photos will live up to Windows 11

During the last weeks we have already been able to see the redesigns of the applications of Watch, Painting and cuts. Previously we learned about the new Configuration and Microsoft Store apps as well as the redesign of the File Explorer. The Photos app was one of the worst rated by Windows 10 users and it seems that Microsoft this time has done its homework.

As we see in the video shared by Panos Panay, director of Windows, the application seems completely different from the current one. Its modern design and fluid animations offer a feeling that at first glance seems of much higher quality than the current application.

As far as we know, it would be an application C # XAML something different from the current one, so we hope to see a better performance and not just a facelift. And you, what do you think of this redesign? Do you think it will finally live up to what is required of it?

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