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Microsoft Store to distribute Epic Games Store and other stores

Microsoft Store to distribute Epic Games Store and other stores

When Apple blocks the closed garden of its App Store twice, Microsoft, on the contrary, opens the windows wide. The future Microsoft Store will be spear October 5, the same time as the final version of Windows 11. The publisher took the opposite of Apple by allowing developers to use their own billing systems, their own distribution servers, and their own technology application design.

Thus, we will find in the Store progressive web apps (PWA), that is, websites that benefit from extensive Windows integration: they will be able to access the operating system menu bar, notification badges (which Apple has not yet implemented for iOS web applications) and respect the light and dark mode. of the SO.

The future Microsoft Store is positioned in front of the App Store

And that’s not all. Microsoft has promised that its store will be a ” open platform ”, Which means that it will house other stores. Therefore, Amazon Appstore and Epic Games Store will be present in the coming months in the Microsoft Store, again, science fiction on this side of the fence.

The Microsoft store allows browser publishers to distribute their applications with their own rendering engine, unlike what is happening here, where Apple enforces WebKit for everyone. Opera and Yandex will be available from October 5, as well as Edge, of course.

This total openness is an easier strategy to implement for Microsoft than for Apple. The Windows Publisher Store is (was?) A ghost store that not many people, developers or users, set foot in. This allows Microsoft to make regulators listen to a little different music than the cacophony that sticks to the Basques from Apple and, to a lesser extent, from Google.

Satya Nadella, who had already criticized Apple’s position between the lines last June, said put a diaper back on during a conference on the Code this week. When asked about the App Store, he said when summoning the arrogant Microsoft of the 90s: “ When a lot of people complain about something you are doing, there must be something you are doing that is upsetting people. You should think about it ».

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