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Microsoft threatens Meti, who is better?

Microsoft threatens Meti, who is better?

Microsoft does not plan to leave Meta and Facebook to control the metaverse and prepare their own solutions and ideas in this field.

Source: B92, BNN


Shortly after Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced a vision for the metaverse, Microsoft announced its idea for a “metaverse.”

Microsoft has already begun the transition to its metaverse space. Since last year, users have been looking for ways to overcome the problems created by work and online meetings through video chats.

The company’s solution is to add “Together Mode” to Teams for Organizations software. This placed people in a virtual space and allowed them to collaborate and communicate.

The next step in this project will be “Mesh”, which will allow people in different physical locations to meet and share experiences through holograms. The mesh will arrive during the first half of 2022.

Microsoft has also announced a 3D avatar, which will allow users to be present in meetings or conversations without having to physically turn on their cameras. This will use artificial intelligence that mimics facial expressions or offers live content translation and enables better communication.

Microsoft’s metaverse will eventually get other services, of which PowerPoint and Excel will be interesting, and all of this will start to appear from 2022.

Microsoft’s advantage over Facebook lies in the fact that it already has a system available and developed, as well as productivity toolkits, such as Office 365 or Microsoft Azure in the cloud and other services.

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