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Microsoft's new Xbox app allows you to stream Xbox One games to your iPhone or iPad

Microsoft’s new Xbox app allows you to stream Xbox One games to your iPhone or iPad

An update to Microsoft’s Xbox app for iOS and iPad OS has been released, allowing Xbox One owners to stream their games to their devices.The new Xbox app Available on the App Store It includes remote play capabilities that allow Xbox One console owners to stream their games to their iPhone or iPad.

Remote Play is different from Microsoft’s xCloud service, which streams games directly from the server instead of its own Xbox One console. This Xbox Remote Play feature only connects to your Xbox console, not xCloud.Similar to Sony’s original PS4 remote play Features that are also available on Android and iOS.

The app also supports the ability to access the Xbox console via Wi-Fi and even an LTE or 5G connection. The Xbox app allows you to control your Xbox at home. You can also launch the console remotely outside your home. Xbox starts with no sound or Xbox lights on the front, and if you disconnect, it will return to standby after a while.

new The Xbox app recently appeared on Android, And this updated iPhone version contains the same new designs and features. It also complements the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, allowing players to quickly download or share game clips and screenshots. You can also manage console space and remove games from the app.

This new Xbox app is much faster than previous iOS versions, and its design generally matches the new dashboard and UI across Xbox. All of this new design is ready for Microsoft to launch the Xbox Series X / S console on November 10th.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s updated Xbox app doesn’t change the status of xCloud. Apple recently expanded the olive branch to allow services such as Stadia and xCloud, but Microsoft says it needs to use streaming technology to submit hundreds of games individually as separate apps. It contained a big problem. Microsoft wasn’t interested in Apple’s new rules..