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Microsoft’s plans for Bethesda on Xbox Series X are even clearer


I always try to admit that I am wrong. In this case, I preemptively perhaps mistaken About the first position I took When Microsoft first announced that it had acquired Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion.

My immediate reaction was that Microsoft would probably not monopolize the Bethesda game Xbox in the future. why? Several reasons:

  • As publishers selling tens of millions of copies of future Bethesda games on the PlayStation, they will still be hitmen.
  • They still boast the big advantage of offering them “free” as part of their game pass, but Sony charges $ 60- $ 70 at launch.
  • Phil Spencer has talked about hating monopoly products and the whole concept of the “us vs. Sony” console war, and wants to extend the game across multiple platforms.
  • They paid Minecraft $ 2.5 billion and didn’t limit the game’s presence on the PlayStation.

Still, the more you think about this, the more information you get. is Make most Bethesda games Xbox / PC / Game Pass / xCloud exclusive, if not all.

why? Some other things to consider.

Shortly after the news was announced, Phil Spencer said that while Bethesda respected the current deal with rival consoles (ironically, Deathloop will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles), the future title will be “On a case-by-case basisIt seems less promising to achieve free and open sharing with Sony (or in theory Nintendo) in the future.

Then don’t spend $ 7.5 billion on publishers just for you only Put the game in the game pass and do not completely monopolize it. If they wanted to make that kind of deal, they would probably not have to buy Bethesda altogether. There were rumors that Microsoft was considering buying Bungie, but instead of doing it (if it could cost a billion dollars or more), future content (at least with older extensions) Beyond Light) is running with Game Pass. So why does a complete purchase of the entire company (the acquisition of the largest developer in game history) have the same type of game pass launch idea? None Exclusive right?

Also this week, Amazon is new Luna cloud gaming service We plan to offer something like a publisher-specific channel. For example, with a Ubisoft subscription via Luna, you can get an X amount of Ubisoft games for a single fee. With this purchase, Microsoft will not only fight Sony, but also preemptively fight rival cloud services such as Google and Amazon. Now that Microsoft owns Bethesda, Luna is about 0% likely to see a “Bethesda channel.” That’s because Microsoft keeps it just for the game path and xCloud. They are already doing business with EA Access and shouldn’t reach Amazon. They are starving future competition even before they really are Become competition.

Finally, when I talked about the lack of rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, and no console war, I never believed in Microsoft. The Funboy Burn War may certainly be pointless and pointless, but Microsoft is still basically a business and they want the Xbox to become the global leader in the game. Which is the most effective against Xbox when competing with rivals such as Nintendo and Sony? Lack of exclusivity. And you really don’t buy yourself an immediate solution to that problem for $ 7.5 billion and don’t take advantage of it.

Microsoft forever relies on Halo, Gears, Forza, and few others. While developing new titles in other studios they assembled and purchased, the deal with Bethesda Soon If you run Starfield, Elder Scroll, Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, Play, Dishonored, and those options, you’ll get them more series as a future theoretical monopoly. And at this point it turned out that there was really no reason they didn’t. Play on Xbox and Game Pass instead of PlayStation, Switch, Luna and Stadia. That’s basically what it brings, even though their story, “We’re all friends who are just playing games,” might otherwise suggest.

So a new prediction: Bethesda Xbox loading monopolizes along the way. Please count on it.

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