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Milan, also Tempi (near Cl) unloads Bernardo.  And he attacks Salvini: "Grotesque drift"

Milan, also Tempi (in close proximity to Cl) unloads Bernardo. And he assaults Salvini: “Grotesque drift”

A very harsh editorial that does not go away eye-catching, posted in Moments – the magazine that has normally been close to the impressive Communion and Liberation – signed by Luigi amicone, who was its founder and then director for decades. The title states it all: “De Profundis para Bernardo. Salvini has bewildered Milan with Milano Marittima”. The Amicone exam will lead to dialogue mainly because it publicly illustrates what numerous on the center-proper are considering and indicating quietly: the candidacy of Luca bernardo is inappropriate and the culprit of a specified defeat will be in the very first spot Matteo salvini. Contemplating that in the last five many years Amicone has sat in the opposition seats of the Milan Town Council with Forza Italia, the barrage provides a good concept of ​​the climate inside of the coalition.

Amicone relentlessly writes: “Forza Italia is the only get together in the coalition that has remained committed to like the applicant in its personal image. Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, the title ‘Bernardo’ is not even crossed out. Its electoral symbols in Milan They are the same as generally. With the names of their respective leaders shot in huge letters. And cease. It is not even crystal clear if they are in Milan for the Truthful or if they are severe about the competition. The massive bosses did not want to put their facial area on it. and soon after 28 years of heroic Lumbard militancy, even excellent previous Matteo averted running all-around the city he promises to adore. Did the health care provider purchase him not to depart the motor of Italy on the remaining? -correct has made a decision to eliminate it with their palms up “.

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A further concern that Amicone asks himself: “But how did it take place that just 3 many years immediately after complete action in the political elections, Matteo Garibaldi, hero of the greenish-yellow government, dragged the heart-ideal into these types of a grotesque drift, devoid of even resistance? Does a Vendée derive from pure retreat, a prelude to particular defeat, at the risk of a common shield? “. Bernardo is described as a hanger “in which to set the civic jacket. Ben signifies, as it appeared in the news the working day of his presentation in the temple of politics, be careful with the Captain and Capitone of owning the sweatshirt in the entrance row “. and the hanger on the back again. Generally only him in the foreground. He, the Wonderful Helmsman. In favor of the camera and social sudoku ”. The responsibilities of the failure of a prospect who until now has been inadequate, Amicone would like to reiterate, are all those of the chief of the League: “Salvini only wanted ‘civicii. And he was rigid in his draconian’ no ‘. I want a applicant as I say and what I want civic. Bravo Matteo. But, sorry, what are you? Not a politician? Then the essence of ‘civic’ purity according to you – Captain, oh my Captain! – would be this: the politician who chooses the civic “.

There are two months to vote, for the center ideal and especially for Salvini who in his city had the to start with and previous term with the relaxation of the coalition, in shorter, there is a risk of getting to be sticillicide.

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