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Milan-X with 3D V-Cache: AMD Epyc 7773X with 768MB L3 cache is $8,800

Image: AMD

AMD Epyc 7003 with 3D V-Cache aka Milan-X with 768 MB of L3 cache for 16 to 64 cores, designed for data centers and very special industrial applications, should cost up to $8,800 before tax. Previously known specifications are confirmed, cTDP does not increase.

TDP and cTDP remain intact

All four SKUs have a TDP of 280 watts for the Epyc 7773X (64C/128T) and Epyc 7573X (32C/64T) or 240 watts for the Epyc 7473X (24C/48T) and Epyc 7373X (16C/32T) and a cTDP of 225A 280 watts and runs as known from the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, with a slightly lower clock rate than regular models without 3D V-Cache.

AMD installs triple L3 cache in Epyc processors called Milan-X. Epyc processors have a total of up to 804 megs of cache on the known SP3 socket available, so AMD also counts L1 and L2 caches here.

In addition to the 32 meg that a die CPU with its eight cores offers, there is always another 64 meg of L3 cache as a small additional chip directly on top, 8×32 meg internally plus 8×64 meg externally for a total of 768 Megabytes of cache L3.

$1,000 to $2,600 surcharge for 3D V-Cache

Depending on the model, the surcharge compared to regular Milan models for 2-plug systems is around USD 1,000 (Epyc 7773X) to USD 2,600 (Epyc 7373X) before tax. With the exception of cTDP and pricing, all other data center CPU specifications were already known.

Launch in Q1/2022
Launch in Q1/2022 (Image: AMD)