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Millions for a hobby: how gamers can make money?

Nowadays, kids and teenagers prefer to stay indoors playing video games instead of going out to play traditional sports like in the old days. Parents will worry that this is a huge issue, as they used to play out in the fields when they were younger. They would rather have their children study instead of playing video games. This predicament may be true in most cases since most teens enjoy gaming only as a hobby. Still, all this time spent playing video games may not be a waste. With the rapid growth of the gaming industry, gamers now have a handful of ways to make money from doing what they love. Here are some of them.

1. Becoming a Professional Player

Any teen who spends a lot of gaming will have had this dream. Getting your name called out as you walk out to the stage, with thousands of fans cheering. You make a massive play that wins you the game and proceeds to lift the trophy.

While getting to live out their dreams in their best life, professional players also make a lot of money. Players get monthly salaries that sponsors and organizations pay out. They also receive large amounts of prize money from participating in tournaments. Around 120 players have become millionaires from prize money alone!

Though this sounds absolutely amazing, only the top 0.001% can live up to this dream, and lots of hard work and sacrifice are required to compete at the top in the first place. Becoming a professional player is the ideal career for any gamer but is, unfortunately, the least realistic way to make money through gaming.

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2. Becoming a Streamer or Content Creator

Instead of TV shows, kids and teens nowadays look for streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch for entertainment. Everyone loves grabbing a meal and settling down to watch your favorite streamer or creator do what they do.

Streamers and creators at the top make millions of dollars, which come from ad revenue and subscription plans funded by their very own audience. It’s a no-brainer that the bigger the audience, the more money these creators receive, but small content creators can also have a shot at making a fair sum of money.

Small creators and streamers can aim to build a small community to start, then steadily expand and grow their brand by standing out. Methods such as simply having a funny personality or playing games at an incredibly high level can set you aside from your small competitors and rise to the top. When creating a community, getting the ball rolling can be challenging as the space is very competitive, so again, only a tiny percentage of people can succeed in this field.

3. Strategically Betting on Esports

Interested in the professional scene on a particular video game title? Follow all the pro players and tune in to every tournament? Players with a good understanding of a game and its players can partake in esports betting live as the game is going on. With proper knowledge, people can place esports bets in live streams and have a good idea of which team will win.

Esports gambling may sound bad, but if individuals have proper self-control and analyze matches properly, they can make a hefty amount of money. Before placing your esports bet, careful research is crucial for strategic esports betting, so check out Tips.GG live bets to learn more. Intelligent players have made careers out of betting on esports, but this way of making money can never suit everyone. However, unlike becoming a popular streamer or a professional player, a more significant percentage of people can become successful in earning money through betting. This is due to the fact that there are lots of resources and tips available for people to learn efficient and strategic ways of betting. However, you must only bet money that you can afford to lose.

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4. Coaching or Boosting

Are you at the top 5% of players in skill but can’t break through the top 0.01%? You’re better than all your friends, and you are considered an outstanding player. However, you still can’t be compared to the professionals. You think that all your time spent playing games is a complete waste. Many players find themselves stuck in the same situation. Still, players can share and apply their above-average skills to normal-skilled players through coaching and boosting.


Players who are looking to improve need help. Whether it’s with their decision-making or mechanical skills, there’s always something they are doing wrong. As a result, these casual players seek someone that can help them fix their problems. That is why video game coaching has become a legitimate job, where lower-ranked players hire coaches. These coaches are highly-skilled players who analyze and give advice to help these players get better at the game. Top-tier coaches such as BananaSlamJamma can charge students $150 for a 90-minute coaching session. Even with the high price point, people are still interested in paying that much!


If you’re not into interacting with strangers through a voice call and would instead use your skills differently, then boosting may be a good choice for you. Boosting in gaming terms is when a high-ranked player plays on a lower-ranked player’s account. The booster will be much better than everyone else in the game and rapidly make the account rank up. The client will then pay the booster for their services. As a result, boosting can be a great way to make money as a high-skilled player, but it is considered unethical.

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The methods listed above are some of the most popular ways that teenagers can look to earn money from their hobbies of playing video games. However, just like regular jobs, the jobs listed above will require gamers to have specific skill sets, such as being high-ranked, having a personality that stands out, or being ready to take the risk of betting. Though making money through gaming can sound fantastic, it still isn’t the easiest way to make money and will require some commitment.