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Minit Fun Racer Test (PC), Video Game Tests


In 2018, a small band of Danish rioters cast a Zelda-style spell with Minit, a clever crossover that saw the old Nintendo saga gleefully and gleefully paired with the restraints of a half-minute hero. And because the sky is often the limit, gay men are taking cover again, and for a good cause above all.

Minit Fun Racer It therefore sounds like a laboratory cross between a racing game that is not leading the way, and the roguelite mechanics, which have been in this way for a few years. Without taking any advantage, the player finds himself in a few seconds driving an approved scooter on a horizontal axis that would sound more like a beat’em than anything else. The only problem: even with experience, drivers only have an unfortunate 10 seconds to wait to see the end of a long, long track. Like a certain social status so aptly evoked, it is complicated.

10 seconds, shower included

Fortunately, the parts set the course and allow you to scratch yourself a few precious seconds of respite. But the ax inevitably ends up falling, and that’s where Minit Fun Racer it falls into a form of assumed consumerism. If your 2018 adventure required equipping yourself over the course of your multiple careers, here you progress through a store full of items, allowing each new attempt to go a little further than before. Finally, if all goes well.

Not content with delaying the sentence, the pieces collected along the way allow a lot of accessories to be allowed: from the helmet that protects against a collision (also synonymous with game over) to the turbo, passing through the possibility of turning more easily. or the drop of additional pieces, the solutions to advance are not lacking, and each test sounds like an opportunity to put your new attributes to the test, and to raise even more money, even if you end up as rich as this old Scrooge bonus.

It was the ship that did Kessel’s run in less than 10 parsecs!

Therefore, Minit Fun Racer justifies its name, making each inevitably brief race an opportunity to try your luck and unlock one of the game’s many trophies in the process.We hope to unlock a new series of upgrades, certainly expensive, but essential for any driver hoping to survive in this game. timed world, see, let’s be crazy, triumph several laps of the circuits.

So, of course, the adventure is short, very short, but with the good idea of ​​precisely not extending more than is reasonable. His carefree assumes, his original principle and his humor leave a pleasant fragrance in the mouth. It dissipated quickly, but nice. And in order not to spoil anything, all the funds raised will be donated to charity, although it is necessary to dispense with details on this subject. When we know that auctions start with only 2.39 euros, we tell ourselves that it would certainly be a good idea to play big, especially today.

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