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Misuse of Location Tracking in Smartphone Apps, Theft of Highly Confidential User Information – Privacy Concerns How Smart Phone Apps Extract Your Data Through Location Tracking Latest and Breaking News in Marathi


London- Many mobile device users allow different applications and services to handle their data. At the moment, they are unaware that companies are leaking their private information. According to a new study, once it enables location tracking, it gives away very important private information to businesses. This is the first study of its kind to shed light on what private information is missing from location tracking data. Two researchers from the University of Bologna, Italy, and the University of London have shown how app companies violate privacy policies.

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Researchers have developed a mobile app called TrackingAdvisor Tracking Advisor. Collects location information from users. The application recovers the private data of users through location data. It also requests comments on the veracity of this information. Users often allow the use of data when purchasing an application or service. Users have no idea that business-sensitive private information can be leaked. The risk is particularly high for location tracking, Micro Mussolini said.

Through the TrackingAdvisor mobile app, researchers have shown how companies can access users’ private confidential information. Location tracking provides information about where a user lives, what are their habits, what are their hobbies, what are their preferences, what is their temperament, what places they visit. The researchers included 69 users in this study. They were monitored for about 2 weeks through the TrackingAdvisor app.

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It has been clarified that when users opt for location tracking, their sensitive private information falls into the hands of the company. Location tracking can provide information about your health, socioeconomic status, race, and religion. There is also the risk that such confidential user information will be sold to third parties. Therefore, it is seen once again that application companies invade the privacy of users.

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