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Mitoza: launched in the browser ten years ago, now available on the App Store

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Some studios are taking advantage of the popularity of some of their games on other platforms to make them available on our mobiles. This is particularly the case with Mitoza (v1.3, 41 Mo, iOS 9.0) It was launched in web browsers ten years ago and is now being released on the App Store and Play Store.

Your Creator? A certain studio called Second Maze, which in particular gave rise to the excellent Rusty Lake series. Here’s the trailer for the game:


Mitoza launches on the App Store and Play Store

Mitoza is a surreal choice-based game that describes the experience as a toy rather than a game, using photorealistic representations of various real-world objects and animals animating them in a creepy way. If the trailer is still quite vague, we can see a rather dark universe, which is now possible to discover on your iPhone or on your PC.

The game is available for free!

Download the game for free Mitosis

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