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MLB Trade Rumors Announce Mets 2021 Arbitration Forecast

Mets enters that fans want to have an exciting off-season with 13 arbitrated players, the second most in the majors. Rumors of MLB trading Announced forecasts for all arbitration-eligible players on Thursday,

Left-handed out of 13 Steven Matz,right handed Robert Gsellman, Outfielder Guillermo Heredia It seems to be the most vulnerable to not being bid. Matz has the worst season as a big leaguer (9.68 ERA), Gsellman finishes the rough season (9.64) early with a broken rib, and Heredia is a fringe big leaguer.

Given that Major League Baseball played only 60 games, MLB Trade Rumors used three methods to predict the 2021 salary of players to be arbitrated.

Method 1 applies the model directly using the actual statistics for this 60 game season, Method 2 extrapolates all count statistics to a sum of 162 games, and Method 3 qualifies for the first time. If not, 162 game seasons, and give them 37% of their raises.

Here’s what MLBTR had for Mets players:

Using the leftmost column based on 60-game stats, the total salary of Mets arbitrated players will be $ 45.2 million in the 2021 season.