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MMO Roundtable: ALDS and NLDS Forecasts


We are already sharing with you Who are you watching in the playoffsBut who do you think will win? This week we have ALDS and NLDS, so we’ll start here.

Dilip Sridal

ALDS: Yankees 5. Their attacks look healthy and that’s the only thing that really matters to me. 5 Oaklands. I don’t trust the Astros pitching staff. Houston is 5 years old. I don’t think I can survive all the injuries that A suffered.

NLDS: Los Angeles is 4 years old. I don’t know where LA’s weaknesses are. Atlanta 4. Sixth is great, but Freeman, Acuña, Albies, Ozuna, D’Arnaud are really good, and I don’t trust the Marlins attack.

Rich Sparago

ALDS: Take the Yankees to the raise with four people. Raise is a great story with the ability to compete despite a low budget. But they are catching the Yankees at the wrong time. The bomber is healthy and fires on all aggressive cylinders. In addition, fate seems to determine the Astros / Yankees grudge match. At that point, I see the Astros dominating Auckland. As is a good team and Houston is injured (Verlander), but Astros will be tested after the season to find a way to beat Auckland (legally) and set up a must-see TV, ALCS.

NLDS: The four of us bravely confront the Marlins. The Marlins had a fun ride this unique season, but the Braves make it relatively easy to end the story of Cinderella. The Braves finished the season in MLB with a starter ERA 28th, while the bullpen ERA was 4th to supplement the post-fly starter. The Braves lineup is deadly and would be too much for Miami. Five people will take Padres to the Dodgers. This should be a great series. The team finished 2nd (Dodgers) and 4th in MLB on a home run, so there is no shortage of attacks. The starting pitchers are evenly matched and LA has an edge on the bullpen. But there’s something in the Padres that gives the Dodgers the feeling of winning and increasing the Dodgers’ frustration.

Sam Brown

ALDS: I’m going to take the raises to the Yankees, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees were on the move to this postseason and they also won. My prediction was a raise of 5, but I think it will be 4 if the Yankees win. For the Athletics-Astros series, the Astros wept in the first two games and injured and hurt athletics, so I’m not surprised to win four. But I’m rooting for A.

NLDS: The four of us bravely confront the Marlins. I think the Braves are too dangerous. The Marlins are a nasty team, but I think the Braves attack is too strong. The Padres Dodgers will be tossed up more. The Dodgers have an advantage over the Padres with a 6-4 record in the regular season and I think their pitching is a good omen for the Padres. I’ll take the Dodgers with five people.


ALDS: After games 1 and 2 filled with home runs by the Yankees, I still move the raise forward. Whether it’s a starting pitcher or a lineup, I think there’s something a little better than this year’s Yankees. As for the other matches, I don’t want to say that the Astros need to be taken over by A. For some reason, they may know which pitch is coming again, but guys like George Spring seem to be always alive in the postseason. Adding it with the Houston team, which has a lot to prove to be hot Carlos Correa, could lead to another deep October run for the Astros.

NLDS: The Marlins performed astoundingly in 2020, but the Braves continue to be hot and win the series. Former Met Travis d’Arnaud led the clutch home run yesterday, and you’ll see much of it as the series progresses. On the contrary, taking the Padres is a “cool” choice, but the Dodgers are a much better team around all. I think the Padres are ready to compete for the next few years, but the Dodgers will continue to be the team to win the NL in 2020, responding to the NLDS victory over San Diego.

Michelle Ioano

ALDS: Astro is certainly beyond A, that is, have you ever seen how they are playing these last few games? I believe it is legal this time (or at least I want to). I will also take over the raise to the Yankees. Yes, the Yankees had a good fight in Game 2, but I don’t think that’s enough.

NLDS: Travis d’Arnaud leads the Braves to a great run. This is something that Mets fans should already know and accept. I love the story of the Marlins vulnerable, but I haven’t seen them defeat the Braves. I would say I chose the Padres, but I think the Dodgers are a stronger team here.

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