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MMO Starborn Releases Dissident Update

MMO Starborn Releases Dissident Update

Developer SolidClouds has been running MMORTS Starborne in open beta for the past 6 months. Last weekend, the first major content update with subtitles called Dissidence hit the server.

Starborne is slower than most other real-time strategy games, especially those with online elements. Compliant with Solid Clouds, each server hosts a game that runs for eight weeks. Much of that time is spent gathering troops, preparing for battle, and developing strategies … The game will be a climax battle in the last few weeks. Success depends on preparation!

The additions are as follows:

– – Special hex effect: The hexes on the map bring strategic benefits to the entire empire or alliance and sector when held.
– – Overhauled ranking: The focus is on completely reworking many of the in-game UI panels and exposing more metrics for players to measure themselves.
– – Updated Alliance Panel: Continued UI rework. Many quality of life improvements for alliance management, organization, and leader and member planning.
– – Streamlined victory: A single victory condition. All players on the server compete for the same victory goal. Occupy as many victory point hexes as possible on the map.
– – Sector War: All players will spawn in one of the three starting sectors. These large teams need to overcome internal politics and work together to win against the other two sectors.

Open Starborn Beta is now available You’ll need to sign up to receive a copy, but the beta is now free.