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MMOSide Chat-What is your favorite MMO soundtrack?


Along Joseph Bradford September 21, 2020 | column | 0

The music that accompanies games these days has evolved tremendously from the simple buzzers and beeps of yesteryear. Fully orchestrated soundtracks are now standard, no exception. The world of MMO is no exception, and some of the best soundtracks in modern games come from that record.

From the ringing chords World of Warcraft Themes, subtle leitmotifs found everywhere FINAL FANTASY XIVReminiscent of the history of the franchise, the game soundtrack has a way to bring us to your favorite world without having to be online. Some soundtracks like: EVE Online Beautiful electronic techno style music fits perfectly into the game settings. They work with gameplay to tell a story – the story can be remembered even after the fact. The Elder Scrolls Online It also does a great job of taking music from previous entries in single player games and converting them into MMOs. “Cyrodiil’s Dawn Gleams” is, thanks to me, one of the most played songs on that soundtrack. Oblivion The leitmotif that is the center of the song.

Not surprising to me, but Chance Thomas’s efforts Lord of the Rings Online The soundtrack is always at the top of my personal favorites list in any game genre. Thomas faced the daunting task of evoking the feel and spirit of Middle-earth, especially after Howard Shore’s epic and iconic film soundtrack dominated Middle-earth’s soundscape. Using theme building as a building block for his music, Thomas really helped to tone his music and establish a sense of “place”.

In places like Moria and Torin’s Hall, the theme of Durinn’s folk sorrow and sorrow looks great. On the contrary, Shirefolk’s bright, cheerful and nimble instrumentation actually recognizes the moods of unaware people and doesn’t care about the world across borders. Tom Bombadil’s whimsical penny whistle echoes in the same way. Despite being surrounded by avant-garde old forests, it offers a hilarious theme.

Lord of the Rings Online The soundtrack is clearly my favorite. But I want to hear about you and why. Please let us know in the comments section below.


Joseph Bradford

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