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Mobile and tablet mounts for video calls


It is clear that, if you make short video calls, maybe these supports are not so necessary, but it is about gaining comfort, so it is always something welcome. If the videoconferences are long then you are going to appreciate having these supports to make your life easier and easier.

Choose the best support

We can rely on several parameters to choose the best support, but what is clear is that we must be clear about where we want it and for which situations we are going to authorize them, since that will greatly mark the future of the purchase of the support. Once we are clear about it, it is time to start observing certain details.


One of them may be the material in which it is made the support. This includes not only the external appearance, since depending on what it is made of, it will be more attractive to the eye or not.

In this sense we can also include the materials chosen for fastening of the mobile or the tablet, since it is a fundamental part so that none of them suffer any type of damage such as a scratch, in addition to holding them so that they do not fall. Normally these types of accessories are made of materials such as hard plastics, aluminum or stainless steel. The latter are usually higher quality and resistance.


There are very few specific supports, almost all can accommodate a series of models, as long as the measurements are those that the support accepts. For this reason, we must be very clear the averages of our devices and which ones support the accessory in which we are interested.


We can also ask for some versatility to the support, but the truth is that the models that are fixed are not going to have too much. But there are others that are placed on the table with articulated arms that can be very interesting if we need to put the mobile or tablet in several different positions. There is even one that is designed for when you are in bed or sitting on the sofa. In this section the need of each counts a lot.


In certain cases the external appearance of the support can be essential, especially if it is to be in an office. In this case, it must have a design in accordance with our job position, but useful enough to make a video call from the support without problems.

Supports for mobile and tablet

We are going to show you some of the best mobile and tablet supports that we have found for you, trying to show you several and of different types, for different needs.

AICase Support

This is a universal support that is valid for mobile, although we can also place a tablet. It is capable of holding devices of 4 to 13 inches, so today’s mobiles are all covered and exactly the same thing happens as far as tablets are concerned. It is made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, the design is very well maintained and can move at various angles. We can raise it in height, move it laterally 360 degrees and it even allows us to put the support with an inclination of up to 210 degrees.

Lamicall Support

Lamicall Mobile Stand

This is another of the supports that we liked the most, since, in addition to being foldable and being able to take it easily anywhere, it is designed to accommodate 4 to 11 inch displays. The structure is stable and rubber pads prevent the phone from being scratched. The appearance is very good and we can place it both on our office table and on our nightstand.

VARUTA support

VARUTA support

This is one of the most original supports that we can find right now, since it uses the back of our laptop to hold the support in which we can our mobile. Everything is done by means of a magnetic system and his manufacture is in aluminum with a silver color that gives much elegance. In addition to being original, it is a very comfortable system, since we will always have the mobile phone right in front of us at hand.

Tablift Support

Tablift Support

This is an ideal support to be in the bed or on the couch and watch the tablet at the same time. The legs can be opened according to the needs of each one and has a tilt system to be able to see the screen from the bed without the slightest problem. Obviously we can also put it on a table, but it loses part of its charm.

UGREEN Support

UGREEN Support

This bracket is a articulated arm that we can adapt as we want due to its great mobility and thus be able to enjoy the content of a tablet or mobile, fixing it on the end of one that. The best thing about it is that we can take it wherever we want, since it is quite large. It is made of metal to support devices from 4 to 12.9 inches and up to 1.5 kilos in weight. It may not be as elegant a support as others, but it is very practical due to the number of positions in which we can place it.

Babacom support

Babacom support

This is a table stand valid for tablet and mobile very elegant and that will look good in any room. The lower and upper parts of this bracket are covered by a silicone pad slip resistant capable of protecting against scratches and unexpected slips. The Ddesign is in aluminum which gives it good resistance, but at the same time an attractive appearance. We can place devices of 4 to 10 inches, being able to adjust its angle up to 45 degrees.

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