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The expansion of the furniture world is now literally unstoppable, so much so that for years, we have all been in download any type of application to our mobile devices: from the game to the maps, from the calendar to your favorite messaging application. And although you can still do many things through the device’s browser (such as reading the latest news or looking for the best fountain fun online), we all love to download an app now.

Although most people use their mobile devices, smartphones in the first place, to have fun with all kinds of games, some of them really sophisticated, worthy of the best computers. utility apps are gaining momentum, however, challenging the concept of gamification we recently spoke to you.

The best free apps

Many of us think that free is often synonymous with scam, but that is not the case! Especially in the field of applications for mobile devices, in fact, it is possible to find really beautiful and, above all, useful products. We are dealing with real miniature computers, able to help us do everything in the best possible way, from the management of the agenda to the duration of a specific training.

Let’s see what they are together the best free apps That everyone should have a touch away

Google drive

It’s certainly not new, but with this app it’s possible save your files in a cloud avoiding filling up the memory of the computer itself, making them available, among other things, to all other connected devices. It is an essential application on your phone. of those who usually use documents to work, because it allows quick access to everything.

3B Meteo

Weather applications are many, but with 3B Meteo it is possible to read all meteorological data in real time thanks to a satellite connection. You can find information related to temperature, I twenty and even the sea ​​conditions and everything is inside avery simple interface Consult.


Little famous until recently, it has recently taken center stage thanks to the new privacy policies of the most famous WhatsApp. Like this, it is actually much more agile and much more careful in protecting the privacy of its users: Telegram actually allows you to add contacts even without having their phone number and, at the same time, without having to give them ours!


Although all smartphones and mobile devices already have a built-in virtual keyboard, with SwiftKey it is possible to add a whole series of really interesting functions to the simple keys. You can not only load foreign keyboards with related alphabets and characters, but also customize their appearance or see how the words he proposes are adapted to our writing style.


VLC born as computer video viewing program and it definitely is among the most used in the world. The mobile version has nothing to envy of its PC counterpart and offers the possibility of play virtually any type of audio and video fileregardless of the format!

MX camera

While most phones now have top-of-the-line cameras, with Camera MX our shots will become those of a true professional photographer– Filters, adjustment options and many other functions to personalize photos and videos that we will never do without.

In short, even if surely playing Candy Crush has its why, we are sure that learn how to get the most out of our smartphone or mobile device for many other things it will be an experience not only useful, but also satisfying. After all, the alternatives to play are already there, and they are many!

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