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Mobile Vibration: Do you always keep your mobile phone vibrating? But you will definitely get this problem … Find out what! | The mobile vibrating sensation called phantom vibration syndrome knows all about this problem.


Whenever you are sitting and talking with family or friends … your phone in your pocket seems to vibrate and the phone is being pulled out.

Mobile phone syndrome

Mobile Vibration – Whenever you are sitting and talking with family or friends … your phone in your pocket seems to be vibrating and the phone is being pulled out. After seeing that, you will not receive any messages or messages. This experience is for most people. Experts say such a sudden sensation could be ‘phantom vibration syndrome’. This problem is constantly growing. Because the mobile device usage graph is increasing every day.

Experts say that 9 out of 10 mobile users have the illusion that their mobile phone is ringing. Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Philosopher Robert Rosenberger believes that these are “learned bodily habits.”

What Causes Phantom Vibration Syndrome?

Experts say that the brain has a new wiring. If a person uses your phone repeatedly … If you keep the mobile constantly on vibrate mode, you are likely to face that problem. This is due to the heavy dependence on the telephone. It is a developing state of mind. It occurs in most people.

These feelings are different … how are they …

Tactile hallucinations – I feel like you’re not there

Anxiety Depression – Unknown anxiety or stress

Gadget addiction – Those who are more attached to gadgets.

hyperactive disorder and attention deficit – Inability to concentrate

Emotional disturbance – Annoying, always thinking about your gadget.

Excessive vigilance – Hear even small sounds (sounds like clock, fridge or vibration)

How to deal with this problem?

Reduce wasted time – Avoid looking too much. Instead of constantly spending time on mobile devices, choose other options.

Avoid keeping the phone vibrating – Change the mobile from vibrating to ringing mode.

Exercise games – When you exercise … When you play, keep your mind off the mobile.

Reduce dependence on the telephone – Connect with family, friends and outdoor activities for fun instead of over the phone.

See a doctor – If you feel that the problem is constantly growing, see a doctor without delay.

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