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Modder Unveils Homemade Wii Gaming PC


Nintendo released the Wii in 2006. Even then, the console was characterized by the fact that it did not show much computing power, but inspired with a special gaming experience. At the same time, the design with the modern white casing and striking light blues was very successful. Now modder Alex_Tries_Tech had a brilliant idea: a gaming PC with a Wii design!

Fast CPU and high FPS

The so-called WiiC has an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U CPU and runs on Windows 11. The system is not lacking in performance, because the WiiC even handles up to 100 frames per second in Fortnite. In the game Rainbow Six: Siege, the system is supposed to handle a decent 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution and Minecraft in 4K doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

many months of work

According to Alex_Tries_Tech, he put many months of work into the project. As you can see on TikTok, he took a lot of manual work. The PC system, which by the way is based on a Ryzen mini APU PC, had to be manually adjusted to fit into the case. Among other things, the motherboard was modified for this.

However, a drive is not installed. The same goes for Gamecube controller ports. There simply would not have been room for these extras. The modder even thought of light blue RGB lighting.

What software is used for Wii games?

For emulation of Wii games dolphins use. Dolphin is a free GameCube and Wii emulator for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. As you can see from the video, everything seems to work quite well.


A really brilliant project. The finished WiiC looks confusingly like the original Wii. On top of that, the surprise for visitors should be pretty big: you think it’s the old Wii, and it’s actually powerful. gaming pc installed. This should make it the best WiiC currently available. Enviable! If you want to know more about the project, you should on Alex_Tries_Tech’s TikTok channel enter a moment.

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