RedDeer.Games Y GTZA Study bring the beautiful mojito the cat to the Nintendo Switch. The puzzle game is available now for PC and Android and will now appear on Nintendo’s handheld console as well. In the game, you control a square cube of animals through a 3D flying maze and you have to solve some tricky puzzles to reach your goal. As the main character, you play a square cat.

The controls are simple and you simply tilt your character in one of four directions. What’s exciting about this, though, is the lack of gravity, so you can also lean around the edges of the maze, spin the level with it, and keep going. This requires a bit of spatial imagination.

If you don’t like cats or would like to get views of other animals, you can choose from a total of 11 unlockable characters. For example, you become a wild beast, an angry shark, a mighty rhino, or a fluffy panda.

Mojito the Cat includes 60 tricky levels that will take you through many different locations around the world. Travel through elegant gardens, a desert oasis, an active volcano, a frozen iceberg, or even an enchanted forest.

Mojito the Cat Switch Trailer:

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Mojito the Cat’s release date is 2022, so the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch a bit later this year.

Suitable for children: logic training.

Due to the cute appearance and calm gameplay, Mojito the Cat should also be suitable for younger players. In this way, not adults can train their spatial imagination, children can also learn logical thinking with it.