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More DLSS and new 512.15 WHQL gaming ready controller

More DLSS and new 512.15 WHQL gaming ready controller

from Maximilian Hohm
Nvidia has released a new Game Ready driver. Version 512.15 WHQL offers optimizations for new titles, DLSS implementations, DLAA implementations, and Nvidia spatial enhancement for older Geforce cards or titles without DLSS support. Read more about this below.

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology is one of the main arguments in favor of a current Geforce graphics card in today’s gaming PC. But the technology needs to be implemented into the game at great expense, and sadly, it’s not yet found in all current titles. However, Nvidia is continually expanding the catalog so that as many titles as possible can benefit from it.

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It is said that DLSS will be implemented natively in Ghostwire: Tokyo, which will be released on March 25 and will take the player to the desert of Tokyo in search of answers. Evil Dead: The Game, planned for May and based on the 1981 feature film, also offers DLSS to enable full frame rates when fighting the undead immediately after release. However, Nvidia not only wants to enable DLSS implementations for new games, but also update existing titles with updates. Open-world game Paradise Killer is now also equipped with the feature that Nvidia claims enables up to 60% better 4K performance in-game.

The new gaming-ready 512.15 WHQL driver, available now, not only brings optimizations for Ghostwire: Tokyo, but Shadow Warrior 3 as well. There’s also Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) in Chorus, Jurrassic World Evolution 2, and No Man’s titles. Sky, which should further increase the quality of the image if there is enough power. Nvidia’s spatial enhancement is also available in the Game Ready driver, which can be used in titles without DLSS implementation or when using Geforce GTX cards. The new driver also introduces support for eleven new GSync compatible displays, which can be read about here.

Source: nivslide