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More security with Messenger: Use Signal with PIN and registration lock

More security with Messenger: Use Signal with PIN and registration lock

More security with Messenger
Use Signal with PIN and registration lock

Signal offers many features that greatly increase the security of users. But you have to know them and sometimes activate them in Messenger.

For reasons of convenience and security, it makes sense to activate the so-called PIN for Messenger Signal. This number can not only be used to restore contacts and account settings if you lose or change your device.

Above all, the PIN is also the basis for a registration lock, which prevents strangers from registering with Signal with their own phone number. Signal generally advises users to turn on PIN and registration lock.

Attack on signal service providers

The messaging service is currently signaling these security features because a service provider that verifies Signal phone numbers was recently attacked. 1,900 numbers registered with Signal were retrieved, including SMS verification codes.

The attackers could not have gained access to chats, profile information or contact lists because this data is only stored locally on the device or can only be restored using a PIN (profile and contacts).

At most one account taken

However, they could have re-registered phone numbers with the associated SMS verification numbers on other devices and then received and sent messages through the respective account. However, at most one of the 1900 numbers was re-registered. And even this alleged account takeover could have been prevented by an active record lock.

To be on the safe side, Signal has logged out all 1,900 affected accounts from all devices and asked its users to sign in again. Those affected should also have received an information SMS from Signal.

Whatsapp also protects against registration by third parties

With the so-called two-step verification, WhatsApp offers similar PIN protection against unauthorized registration of one’s account. However, the PIN can be reset by email if you have forgotten it.

With Signal, the PIN cannot be reset or retrieved. If you forget your PIN and your registration is locked, your account will be locked for seven days.