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Mortal Online 2 Beta Key Giveaway!


Mortal Online 2

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MMORPG.com is offering a brand new Mortal Online 2 beta key. With these keys, you can participate in a large-scale stress test starting today (November 27, 2020). Help them try to set a new world record! Get your keys now while they continue!

1,071 keys left

Information on world record events is available at. This link..

About Mortal Online 2

Mortal Online 2 The long-awaited sequel to StarVault’s long-standing first-person sandbox MMORPG. Explore the world of large open sandboxes and choose your own path. However, keep in mind that danger lurks in every corner of this complete PvP full loot world.

Mortal Online 2 Different from other MMOs.To Mortal Online 2, Any player can attack other players at any time and steal everything they own. This makes all encounters with other players dangerous and can result in significant losses. Also, powerful allies and powerful guilds greatly increase the importance of backing you up.

Mortal Online 2 It has a huge list of over 600 skills to learn. Most of these skills are learned and leveled up just by using them in the game, and players can spend points on any skill they want to learn to create a complex web of possible combinations.

Mortal Online 2 It has an action-based first-person combat system. There is no tab targeting or automatic attacks.To Mortal Online 2 Player skills are really important, and skilled players often defeat them with better equipment.All battles Mortal Online 2 Whether you’re wielding a bow or sword, or using your heart to cast powerful spells, it works this way.

Almost all equipment Mortal Online 2 Created by a player and sold to other players. Our renowned crafting system gives all the power to crafters who can decide every part to craft, creating an astonishing amount of possible combinations. In this way, craftsmen can be known around the world for their secret and powerful equipment.

Mortal Online 2 It is set in the nave of the great world. The first continental player to enter is called Marland, a boiling pot of various biomes, from cold snowy mountains to wide open sands. Marland is huge and fills incredible resources to find and dangerous dungeons to explore. With Unreal Engine 4, everything rendered is incredibly detailed.


  • A complex crafting system with millions of combinations.
  • Powerful skill-based first-person melee, mount, range, and magical combat on full routes.
  • Deep customization of the character
  • An open skill system with over 600 skills and no character level.
  • A huge sandbox world for you to explore and fight
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