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Most useful features released in the year


Today we will let you know what the tools more useful than the application of WhatsApp It has been launched so far in 2021 and this year has undoubtedly been one of great changes and of course improvements for the messaging application.

It is for that reason that we will introduce you to the list with the most important that WhatsApp has made official this 2021, both for the mobile version as well as Desktop and Web.

That’s right, as you can see, during the course of 2021, WhatsApp has launched a large number of functions that most are not yet aware of.

The truth is that these are extremely useful not only because they offer a better experience, but also because they provide the user with greater privacy and security when sending any message, photo, video or Word, Excel, PDF document, etc.

For this reason, we will list the best tools that the green application recently added to its platform.

It should be noted that we will only mention the new and official functions that the aforementioned instant messaging application has launched in its stable Desktop and Web version, it means that the tools in development that are available in WhatsApp Beta will not be listed.


Not all the links sent to you by WhatsApp are safe sites, since many times the message chains turn out to be an attempt by cybercriminals to spread a virus called malware, which puts all your personal data and banking information at risk.

To avoid this, the Zuckerberg application added the link preview, which means that every time you send or receive a link, you will automatically know or have an idea of ​​where you will enter if you press it.


It is a tool that arrived last July and consists in that users can send photos and videos that when they finish viewing them, this file will disappear instantly without the possibility of seeing it again.


The famous WhatsApp application announced a few days ago and officially, the arrival of basic editing tools for its desktop version, it means that now from a computer or laptop you can cut images, rotate them, add text, stickers and emoticons, Something that if before you needed to do while chatting on a computer, you had to resort to your Android or iOS mobile device from Apple.


In order to provide greater privacy and storage, WhatsApp included the Temporary Messages tool on its platform

These consist of disappearing all the conversation that you had since you activated this option, in an estimated time of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days maximum.

For example: if you activate the function today at 2:00 pm and chat with anyone for many hours, tomorrow at the same time all sent messages will be deleted, including photos and videos.

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