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Motorola Reveals Which 23 Phones Will Receive Android 11 Update: Full List

Motorola reveals 23 phones receiving Android 11 updates: full list

Motorola has released a list of phones that are receiving the latest Android 11 updates. This list includes 23 phones that will get big OS updates in the coming months. Motorola Razr 5G, Motorola Razr 2019, Motorola Edge, Motorola Edge +, Motorola One 5G, Motorola One Action, Motorola One Fusion, Motorola One Fusion +, Motorola One Hyper, Motorola One Vision, Moto G 5G, Moto G 5G Plus, Moto G Fast, Moto G Power, Moto G Pro, Moto G Stylus, Moto G9, Moto G9 Play, Moto G9 Plus, Moto G9 Power, Moto G8, Moto G8 Power, Lenovo K12 Note

The company blog Announce a list of Motorola Call to receive Android 11 update. Ideally, you’ll offer two upgrades on your flagship mobile phone and only one upgrade for the rest of your portfolio.TheĀ· Motorola One Vision It is on the list because it is part of Android One The program is therefore subject to the second major software upgrade.TheĀ· Motorola Edge + It is also part of the update as it is Motorola Razr 5G..It looks like this Motorola Razr 2019 Second and last OS upgrade.

in the case of Motorola One Action, Motorola states that US and Canadian units were not part of the Android One program and will not receive updates.

“Motorola One Action was released on the Android One platform only in Latin America and Europe except Russia and received an OS upgrade. Android 10 You will also receive Android 11. Motorola One Actions for sale in the US and Canada are not part of the Android One platform and will not receive Android 11, “Motorola said in a blog.

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Motorola does not provide an accurate timeline for each phone to receive updates, but expects these updates to spread in 2021. The Android 11 update brings popular chat bubbles across multiple messaging apps, priority conversations on lock screens, improved media control and more. Better privacy controls such as control of connected devices and one-time app permissions.

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