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It is no secret that cooperative games published by Team17 often turn out to be great challenges of patience and collaboration, and this is exactly the case with Move, game we’ll talk about that includes the latest DLC Moving in paradise!

Developed by DevM Games me SMG study, this moving simulator will transport us to the town of Packmore, where, after training that will provide us with the basics, we will start our way as employees OVERALLS (Expert in Transportation and Organization), to empty houses, farms and villas haunted by ghosts, wandering from one part of the city to another with our moving truck, mechanics already seen in Overcooked! but that doesn’t stop making us laugh every time we have to move for a move.

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After having created our character with a moderate possibility of customization, we will carry out our first work during which we will learn very quickly how important the peripheral you play is, in fact it will not be difficult to notice the movement limits imposed by the keyboard with respect to to using a controller, but one can still get used to despite the downsides.

The objective is relatively simple: transport the objects highlighted on the map and place them in our truck, taking advantage of each element that will facilitate the mission and at the same time taking great care in managing the space of the trailer when depositing.

Ghosts, flamethrowers, circular saws, possessed furniture and rastrelliAlong with many other obstacles, they will become more and more frequent as the campaign progresses, putting ourselves and the objects we are transporting at risk. However, in addition to the elements already strategically positioned to get us into difficulty, we will have two great common enemies, namely the number of players, which will affect the weight of some objects that consequently require more people to get up, and the timer. , which will not forgive even the small mistakes that sometimes cause stressful situations to avoid restarting the level.

In addition to the main story, we will be able to replay the levels not only to improve our times, but to complete secret objectives that will be revealed to us after the first completion and that will reward us with tokens, and also because a variation of the above will be unlocked where we will have the task of furnishing the rooms instead of clearing them, thus increasing the replayability of the title. In addition, if you are looking for something more varied, the arcade will offer us additional challenges that can be purchased with tokens, which will put your coordination, movement and precision skills to the test at launch, taking advantage of increasingly new and complicated mechanics. .

moving moving in paradise ec71e


If after all that work you need a little break, in the latest DLC: Movers in Paradise, the boss will come to your rescue giving you a pleasant vacation at the Great Uncle Packed resort, but obviously without avoiding destroying anything while you move. furniture. there too.

Here we will not find much out of the ordinary, but we will be offered new objects, obstacles and mechanics that will add variety to the gameplay since sometimes they will require us, through rafts or wooden bridges, to put together a way to reach certain points. in the map. Everything will be spiced up with a tropical setting that will include more platforms, especially so as not to fall into the water and enjoy a nice bath, let’s remember that we are at work after all!

To add some difficulty, we will now have to pay attention not only to managing the space in the truck, but we will often be asked to quickly slap the crabs, to sneak in when we are not careful to steal our boxes and return them to His place.

moving move in paradise 74571

In the end Move It is a fun title but one that should be taken lightly, especially when playing in company, as many situations will require communication that cannot always be delivered in time given the speed of what is happening, and given the strange physics and camera angles often generate frustration along with the stopwatch, which will not be forgiving of any type of error given the amount of objects to be transported, their shape and the obstacles in our way. Instead, if you are looking for a quieter experience, the DLC Moving in paradise It seems to have lowered the difficulty a bit by making the presence of the passage of time weigh much less, making you more willing to play it without fear of unnecessary stress.

Also, alternate modes and arcade challenges are good ways to give the game more time to live, easily managing to hit triple digits in total hours for those who want to fully explore this title.

This is all you need to know before buying. Move and become a moving professional, so remember: don’t worry about damage, everything is covered by insurance!

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