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It is time for the Mr. P Basics and Olympics.



Basic Information

Type icon Type: 

Ranged attacker

Rarity icon Rarity: 


Attack icon Attack Range: 

13.3 tiles

Speed icon Speed: 


Attack Reload icon Attack Reload:



Role icon Role: 


Super icon  Attack speed:



Type iconSuper effect:



Star Power
Star Power:

Handle With Care

Mr.P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle.

Star PowerStar Power:

Tin Can

The ‘Robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health.

Mr. P's Gadget Service Bell


Service Bell

Mr. P buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1000.

Level Stats


Level HP icon Health Attack icon Attack Damage  
1 3200 700
2 3360 735
3 3520 770
4 3680 805
5 3840 840
6 4000 875
7 4160 910
8 4320 945
9 4500 980


Mr. P is a mythic brawler who angrily hurls suitcases at his opponents and if you listen to him he kind of sounds like Gene. He’s a chilly penguin. What is up with the zipper and what could he possibly be hiding? I have my theories but I’ll save that for another time. Now his turret is a home base that sends out many penguin drones who help attack enemies and this is what the Agent P skin looks like. Now it doesn’t come with any in-game changes or anything like that. No animations as far as I am aware unless they change something before the game is released but you got the idea. It’s going to cost 30 gems.

Pin on stuff


Mr. P’s attacks he throws out a suitcase and if it hits a target it will bounce into the air and land with a splash that can hurt multiple targets. Now, when it does it explodes underwear and socks with bites taken out of them cover the field for a brief second. They’re just a sock again, it keeps popping up at targets that are stationary and will actually take two ticks of damage unless they’re actually close to Mr. P. In that case, the suitcase will bounce too far to hit them a second time. Targets who are running towards Mr. P’s attack will dodge the second tick of damage and so will target’s who are running perpendicular to the attack but targets which are running away will definitely get hit.

Mr. P in Brawl Stars | Brawlers on Star List

So it’s typically a good idea to run either straight or close the gap if you’re trying to avoid damage from Mr. P. I should also mention that if Mr. P’s attack hits a wall before it reaches maximum distance it will actually bounce over the wall which means that he’s actually gonna be a pretty decent long-range counter to throwers. Now, this is also true when Mr. P attacks the side of the map except that it lands against the same wall which can allow you to deal damage twice the same brawler.

Brawl Stars Mr.P Guide & Wiki - OwwYa


As Mr. P’s super, he spawns a home at base station that actually spawns robo penguin headquarters, that fights for him. In case you’re curious, a supporter is somebody who carries luggage for work. Yeah, these porters have a very fast movement speed and a small range for reference they move about as fast as Max can. But they can’t move as fast as Tara’s shadow can. As you know even though 8-bit cannot outrun them he is fast enough to stay outside of their range and avoid damage. The porters don’t do very much damage and they don’t have very much health but if you do kill one then another one will actually spawn from the base to replace it and they will keep getting replaced until the base is destroyed.

Mr. P | Brawlers: Mythic | Brawl Stars News & Strategies

So you can actually spawn the base way back where your team spawns and you would always have little Porter’s to help fight for you. However, you may actually consider placing the base a little bit closer to the main location of the fight so they don’t have such a long way to walk and so that they’re in the action a little bit more frequently.

I should also note that you can only have one Porter spawned at a time and if you place down a new a home base both the previous base and it’s Porter will be replaced.


First star power

Latest | Brawl Stars Amino

Mr. P’s first star power is Handle with care. It makes it so that his attacks bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle. This increases Mr. P’s effective range by three tiles which is a 36% boost that’s exactly what he needs to deal with the longest range brawlers in the game.

Second star power

Tom on Twitter: "Mr. P's second star power has been leaked what do ...

Mr. P’s second star power is Tin can. It increases his supers home base by 3000 health which is a 77 percent boost to the health and that will make it much more difficult to get rid of now. This might sound kind of useless since most people are just gonna deploy the home base way far back. So basically it’s gonna be impossible for the enemy team to get to it but with this tower power, he likes to be able to strategically position his turret as a body block against certain brawlers.

It’ll be like dropping a shield that is as tanky as a bull to eat enemy shots without charging their supers and I don’t think there’s gonna be much of a reason to use this star power over his first star power in most cases. But this could actually be a pretty big deal against some brawlers who either don’t do a lot of damage or who have a really slow reload speed.


Now that we know how Mr. P works let’s put him through a bunch of tests that are specifically designed to see how well he does against other brawlers in various situations of the game.

We’ll start with Mr. P’s worst test and move his way up to the best test where he really thrives makes you guys stick around for the end of that because that test is actually probably gonna surprise you.

The Swarm test

This is Mr. P’s worst test he throws his turret up at the top so that his porters can take care of the top row and then he takes at the bottom three rows, three BOTS at a time. Thanks to the bouncing Splash Damage of his attack it takes him 17.3 to take out the swarm which places him in 27th place with a swarm test. This is slightly slower than 8-bit and slightly faster than Darryl this suggests that he’s not going to be a very good brawler when it comes to dealing with multiple targets.

The Super test

This test is all about measuring the damage potential of a super. The thing is guys Mr. P’s super only deals 360 for damage per attack but technically it can last forever so technically he places 24th in the super test which actually ties him with Jessie. But there’s a much better way to measure the effectiveness of his super and that’s actually to compare the DPS of all the spawnables similar to his super and you can see the five spawns paired with their DPS as you can see the DPS for Mr. P’s to spawns is about half of Penny’s turret and about 1/4 of the damage of a hyper bear Bruce.

However, it does kind of make up for that with the fact that once it gets taken out another one will spawn to replace it.

The Survival test

With 4060 health Mr. P is able to survive eight hits by the sniper bot before getting taken out this place is Mr. P in 21st place which isn’t very impressive but it is certainly more HP than most of the other long-range brawlers like tick wear Piper or Brock or Bea.

The Assassin test

This test measures the brawler’s ability to burst down enemies within three quick seconds. Mr. P is able to deal 9660 damage before the three-second timer is up and that might sound like a lot but it’s actually pretty averaging comparison to most of the brawlers. He places 19th place for this test suggesting he’s gonna be average at bursting players down. I guess the attack test in this test the brawler’s total damage from one attack is measured and compared.

Mr. P deals 1960 damage if his attack hits the same target twice which is just barely more than what Rosa can do with one complete attack this place is Mr. P in 17th place for this test.

The Race test

Mr. P has a normal movement speed of 2.4 tiles per second and he does not have any abilities that allow him to travel fast than that as you can see he’s slower than Frank but at least he’s faster than 8-bit which means that he actually ties with several other brawlers for 17th place.

The Boss test

This test measures the brawler’s ability to deal consistent damage over a period of time. Mr. P gets the permanent help from his Porter penguin but he still takes 63 seconds to complete this challenge this places him in 16th place for this test. Which means that Mr. P does a very average amount of damage over a long period of time. We’re literally talking about the middle of all brawler’s.

Now we’re gonna start talking about the tests that Mr. P is best at.


The Range test

First, let’s talk about Mr. P’s super range.

Now the porter has a range of four tiles which really isn’t very far for reference it’s one-third tile longer than Rosa’s attack. So it can barely be called a range attack, it’s basically melee. Adding that to the home base, the range is four and two-thirds tiles. And his super has a total range of 8 and 2/3 tiles but what’s really impressive is his attack range. Normally if his attack doesn’t hit a target or obstacle, first Mr. P has a regular attack range of Eight and 1/3 tiles but if he has his handle with care’ star power then even without hitting anything his regular attack gets a three tile boost to that range. Giving him an 11 and one third tile range and an effective range of 11 and 1/3 tiles. That’s crazy as you can see here this range makes his effective range a bit longer than Genes and a bit shorter than Spikes. This means that Mr. P has the fifth furthest reaching ranged attack and third if you exclude Jessie and Penny who required targets to increase their range. That is very impressive however the range test also includes super range as well so overall Mr. P actually places 13th place in the range test.

The Reload test

The reload test measures how quickly a brawler can unload and reload ten attacks. Mr. P is able to do this in 19.1 secs which as you can see is a bit faster than 8-bit and a bit slower than Rosa. Overall Mr. P takes 11th place in the reload test and he actually has the fastest reload speed out of all the brawler’s who have a range longer than 10 tiles.

The Supercharge test

This test measures how quickly a brawler can charge its super and basically how frequently they’re gonna have their super charged up. Mr. P requires six hits in order to charge his super and he can do that in point four seconds. If three attacks hit twice. Now, this place is him in tenth place for the supercharge test. Meaning it’ll be likely pretty easy for him to charge up his super and he’s gonna be able to have it up pretty frequently which is kind of funny especially considering the fact that it’s gonna be up there permanently.

And Mr. P’s best test might actually surprise you let’s see if you get it right.

The Dive test

That’s right guys believe it or not Mr. P is an insanely good diver in siege with his team power. His home base has enough HP to not only tank for Mr. P it also gives it enough time to spawn two Robo Porter’s in total this means that it will tank 13 hits from the IKE before falling and that gives Mr. P a 7.5 additional seconds to attack the turret. In total, he’s able to deal 12,852 damage before getting taken out. That’s 43 percent of an Ike’s health. Now that means that he actually takes the second place in the dive test this is actually a very incredible and I would not be surprised to see some dive strategies evolving because of it.  I’ll reveal that at the end of the article. Out of all the rankings Mr. P averages 16th place which is literally right in the middle of all the brawlers.



With that said let me rank him in all the current modes and see kind of what I think he’s gonna be like.

I’m gonna go with F tier for brawl ball. He has too little damage output to defend and a turret would likely just get taken out as teams move over the map a lot more often in this mode.


▷ MR.P Brawl Stars - Stats, Skins, Fanart en Español ✅

I’m also gonna put him in the F tier for the heist. He’s not a very big damage dealer and he has very little ability to actually defend against really tanky brawlers especially when they get close to him.


Solo showdown, once again F tier. He has very little survivability and struggles in 1v1 situations.


In duo showdown, however, I’m gonna put him in the B tier. A duo partner can actually help make up for his weakness in the solo showdown and I could actually see his range actually helping him a decent amount especially pair that up with the Porter’s that are gonna help you when your team actually like consistently locate enemies.


Winning with Mr p yeet | Brawl Stars Amino

I think that it could work in the bounty. I’m gonna go with B tier. I think he’s viable, not the best option. He doesn’t have a lot of burst damage but he does have the range to out-range some of the best bounty brawlers like Piper, Bea, and Tick.


I’m gonna put him in the A tier for the siege. Now his ability to deal Splash Damage and dive makes him a pretty good option. I probably wouldn’t play him on every map but on open maps I could actually be seen him being very solid.


And of course, gem grab. I’m gonna put in the A Tier here. With the help of his permanent spawner, I could see him being a pretty good gem carrier especially including the fact he has that range he can deal with throwers. I mean he’s gonna have the ability to deal with a lot of enemy gem carriers. I didn’t put him in the S Tier for any mode because I don’t think he’s OP  for any of the modes. I think he’ll be pretty balanced and probably feel a bit lukewarm not really like a ton of fun but certainly not as boring as other brawlers like 8-bit. I mean even I kind of find him a lot of fun actually but I’m really excited to know.

What you guys think about Mr. P let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe for more content.

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