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Mysterious Google Pixel 5s Breaks Cover Of New Leak Shot

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  • Apparent Google Pixel 5 variants leaked in new live action.
  • The smartphone in question is physically similar to the Pixel 5 found in the previous leak.
  • There is a suggestion that this so-called “Pixel 5s” can support mmWave 5G.

We have seen a lot of claimed shots Google Pixel 5, But the new live image suggests that another variation, Pixel 5, may be working.

The device in question was posted to Twitter Mexican radio personality, Reminiscent of Pixel 5 allegedly found in a previous leak. You’ll see a rounded square camera array with its second camera, a fingerprint sensor on the back, and punch holes on the front.

What makes this device different is its model name. As shown in the info screen, this device is called Pixel 5s.

I don’t immediately know the difference between Pixel 5 and Pixel 5, but XDAof Michelle Rahman We believe that the differentiating function may exist Millimeter wave 5G support.

What about Pixel 5?

google pixel 5s leak

Companies like this that name devices based on mmWave Smart are generally unprecedented. These phones are often distinguished by a suffix (in the case of Samsung’s Galaxy A UW series and Verizon’s OnePlus 8 5G UW), but you can see that the “s” differentiator is used in this way. I have never.

That said, the “s” has been used by many OEMs in the past to represent good hardware, so if it’s not the mmWave variant, Google could prepare a tiered Pixel 5 lineup to cover multiple prices. There is a possibility.

Pixel 5 is Snapdragon 765G To keep costs down, Google’s flagship product previously used the 800 series Snapdragon chipsets. The’s’ variant not only allows companies to keep up with this trend, but may also offer lower cost variants.

From these shots, the smartphone Android 11 It is now officially deployed on other Pixels and devices.

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